Working For UPS: A Day in the World of Brown

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    it's a tough job. if you don't plan to stay long then it might be worthy of your time.
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    Nice article to read, compliments both the employee and company. Don't see too many articles like this one.

    As far as your interview. Relax, listen to the questions, answer them honestly and you should be fine.

    Good luck
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    My advice to you is to think very hard about what you can handle physically and mentally. It is the type of job that looks easier than it is, but in reality is extremely challenging. Keep an open mind, listen intently to what they tell you, but most of all be honest with yourself. This job is not for everyone.

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    All the glory about the drivers....:mad:

    What about the preloaders:thumbup1: They should do a story on that and the $8.50 starting wage...

    For 70,000 a year and 9 weeks vacation, even I was thinking UPS seems like a great place to work for...

    I am wondering if UPS's PR dept. put the reporter on a route that had a nice light load... I am sure it wasn't a blown out/bulked out package car with 50 pieces from a last minte add cut... Do you think the driver had more than 5 Next Day Airs? Did the driver work through lunch?