Working hard...or hardly working.

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    I was hired as a seasonal driver and was told to expect to be busy thru the summer/Labor Day. I got back from driver training two and a half weeks ago. So far, I only was called in to work 2 days for preload, and have been sitting last week and so far this week. I told everyone at my center that no matter what they need me for, sweeping the floors, whatever I am willing and ready to work. I called yesterday to see how this week looks, they said there is nothing and I should try and find something to do for this week. I don't mind doing whatever they need me to do as long as I can work, and I have a hard time believing there is absolutely nothing. Especially when this morning while dropping my child off at camp I see a senior driver with a young guy on the helper seat driving and delivering packages. Would they hire helpers this time of year to go out with drivers instead of using seasonal drivers? If so, why was I hired? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hiring helpers at this time of year??? That's funny:lol:. Then again...UPS is getting weird about helpers. In most areas, they don't pay the union dues, etc. -Rocky
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    A helper or observer... or a helper because of the 15 pottery barn boxes at 115lbs each?
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    It's pretty common for UPS to train many drivers then not use them. It's like insurance so they do have someone in a pinch. Hopefully they will need you soon. It's also possible someone inside the building will quit or move up the ladder leaving an opening.

    Once in awhile our center needs helpers on certain routes and use seniority employees from inside who want the work.

    Seasonal hires have it rough because they are not in the union yet and have no real right to work. Company will use you if and when they need you. Hang in there, turnover is high and the summer is young. Best of luck to you! dw