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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by tunemixer, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. tunemixer

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    How many of you are still working after retiring from Big Brown? How about taking your SS if you are 62 instead of waiting to 67 ?Has anybody pushed the 48 hrs a month of working ? The union says we can only work 48 a month is a similar job. IE : If you work at Costco in the photo dept or check out you can work as much as you want. But if you work in shipping and receiving you can only work 48 a month. I am 13 months from retirement. I plan on working. I work two part time job now but I want to find something that will pay for my wifes medical insurance . Costco seems to be that answer.
  2. tunemixer

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    Wow !!! 65 looks and no replies?
  3. rod

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    I did nothing but goof-off for my first 5 years of retirement. I have a couple of odd jobs now that allow me to come and go as I please. ( keeps me in beer and toy money). I still have about 2 years to go to collect SS but you can bet I will be banging on their door the second I become elligible. Personally I would advise if you are going to continue to work full time after retirement that you should stay with UPS--- and make decent money.:peaceful:
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    I retired last June. Why would I give up 28 an hr just to go find another part time job. I'll work on my golf game, hunt all fall, Bird hunting now,Ice fish in January, rest up in feb, Horn hunt in March and April,I could go on and on. Retirement is great :happy2:
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    I will be retiring after peak next Dec 2009. will be 62 . I already work a couple of part time jobs. I half thought about staying another year and maybe take a 22/3 inside morning job next bid. We have one that starts at 6:00 and ends at 3:00 but its a huge hit in pay. No over time. maybe some at peak but thats it.This is my last full winter. I have had enough of driving in snow and ice. Going out everyday in the col and heat. But i'll be 62 and I'll put in for my SS three weeks befor I retire. I just wanted to know if anybody had worked in another line of work either part time or full time without te union knowing.
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    tunemixer......if someone gave you the 'heads up' and told you, you would be dying at 63, what would your decision be???

    Doesn't it become clearer then? Work only as long as you absolutely have to for your retirement survival.:happy2:
  7. Monkey Butt

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    That approach is correct if you do not get enjoyment or satisfaction from your job. :wornout:

    If you do get enjoyment and satisfaction at your job, like the people you work with, then maybe there is a balance to be struck.:restless:

    I have been contemplating when to retire for the last couple of years and have decided that I am not ready yet. That decision is specific to myself and my job. :proud:

    Note: With the market crash and uncertainty about inflation, that decision has become much easier. :knockedout:
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    Thanks for your opinions guys but I'm not asking you if you think I should retire. I'm asking if anybody has retired and has bucked the 48 rule the union has that says we can't work in certain places while collecting a pension.
    I also asked if anybody is collecting SS NOW instead of waiting. I appreicate your imput but none of you read my questions correctly.
  9. Monkey Butt

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    Problem is we have lots of opinions about everything and no knowledge on your specific request. Some of us just use any excuse to post! :wink2:
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    Regarding the draw of SS at 62 is that it takes 13 to 14 years to catch up to the point if your were to draw at your maximum age. So if I started to draw at age 65 and 4 months I would have collected the same amount at age 75 if I drew at 62. Example: At 62 the draw is $1300. It would be 40 more months to get to maximum draw. $1300 X 40 months equals $52,000 that I have received by the time the maximum draw would start if I would have waited.
  11. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I wouldn't advise "bucking" the 48 rule or ANY rule the Union has made for retirement. They would cut off you pension in a heartbeat. Same as the company would if you messed with their rules. :peaceful: I know 3 retired UPS drivers that are receiving SS now. I haven't heard them complaining about the extra money plus they get cost of living raises with SS.
  12. Bad Gas!

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    I thought they changed this rule....Maybe a side job for small co. could get you sround this rule..
  13. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I believe it all depends on when you retired and out of what Local. I have friends that recently retired and they can do just about anything except drive a truck. Contact your local and get permission before you take a job. Where I'm at they send out a question sheet about once a year wanting to know what you've been up to. No piddily job is worth losing your pension over.
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    Thanks guys. This is what I was looking for. I have a standing offer to drive for a local delivery company. They don't do the package deal. Its mostly driving medical supplies and bank statement from town to town or even out of town. They also do suit cases that missed flights . Things of that nature. They drive small cars the the Honda Element.
    Of course I wouldn't gamble my pension for 11 bucks an hour.I wanted to see if anybody was doing anything more then 48 hrs a month without getting in trouble.
    I plan on taking my SS as soon as I can which would be Jan.2010. I turn 62 Dec 7th 2009 but will work through peak to get all of my vacation and I will get my insurance paid for 3 years until I reach 65.