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    This morning I picked up the mail. I noticed a Fedex Freight truck trying to back in, so I went behind the PO to watch. I had noticed the truck there many times, either coming or leaving, but this was the first time I had the time to actually snoop.

    He unloaded two pallets of packages, probably close to 200. Some were larger, almost too large to fit into the back seat of a personal car, others were envelopes, with a lot about the size of our UPS pack or box.

    They have the same last leg delivery as our basic.

    But what is interesting is that freight delivered them instead of ground and express. They were not shipped from one customer, as the labels were different. It is interesting how FedEx has integrated their delivery companies to tag team their deliveries.

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    theres nothing worse then taking a 53 foot trailer to a customers dock to unload a 3 lb box