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    I've been wih UPS for over a year and a half now (I'm 19) just curious about working as an IT specialist. I heard it's great pay and the IT guy I see at our station hardly even does anything really. I figure you need a degree but what should I study and how would I apply to become one?
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    Well...for starters, while the TSG rep who lives in your building doesn't seem to be doing much, he's probably doing more than you realize. It's hard to tell if a tech is writing a script for CrossWare, cleaning up an address list for a DHL conversion, installing NetBack in all his buildings via NetOp, or just waiting patiently on hold for the next Why Isn't It Fixed Yet high severity log. :-) If you want to apply for TSG, go for it. I think that the downsizing trend has started to level off. Heck, we recently hired someone. A 4 year degree is overkill. UPS would love to see you working towards one, but many TSG are at the Associate's degree level. What'll matter more would be A+ professional certification. I think A+ is still on the balanced scorecard, so after a while your management team would be wanting you to get it anyway. Be warned though, TSG is just a step above the Help Desk. You'll be expected to know everything about every system and more groups can push work your way than vice-versa. If instead you want to become Information Services you'll need a 4 year degree in Computer Science, Math, or one of the physical sciences maybe. Whatever you do, you'll need to be active in programming. Experience will matter to hiring managers at that level. Another thing to consider is location. IS is mostly out of New Jersey with a few spots in Louisville, Maryland, and a couple in Georgia.