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  1. EvilKittie86

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    Hi there all

    UPS put me on workmans comp on Dec 15th and I was told that it takes 5 days for it to kick in and and I would get paid. Well it is now Dec 30th and I just looked up my paycheck on UPSers and all that is on there is my Christmas pay.

    Is workmans comp suppose to show up on my check or do they mail that separately? Liberty Mutual has yet to call me either and I was told someone from there would be.

    I just want to pay my bills :( Any info would be appreciated!
  2. CRASH501

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    \ 1 did you call liberty mutual with a supervisor or manager to report the incident.
    ..... if yes will not see a check until afterthe 11th working day and it will not be a regular check it comes from liberty mutual directly.
    .........if no CALL IT IN ASAP in the presence of your shoppie.......

    2....did you see a doctor for your injury. if not do so asap.
    3. seek the advice of a reputable workers compensation lawyer , it will cost you nothing out of pocket . the fee's are requested during workers compensation hearings
    take it easy DO NOT DO ANYTHING you are not medically cleared to do !!!
    UPS is on a warpath for all workers comp cases , they are spending way too much on lost time injuries.
    I WAS JUST WRONGFULLY TERMINATED while returning to work @ UPS light duty .
  3. EvilKittie86

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    It was called in all the way in November. It's been going for awhile now. I've gone to the doctor twice now, once with their's and once to mine. Since I can't do anything repetitive, they told me they have no work I can do so they are putting me on workmans comp until my restriction is up on the 6th, unless the doc says otherwise. I am also in physical therapy. It's bad enough my earn and learn got screwed over cause i "went on leave" one week before my semester was up. I'll have to talk to corporate about that.

    And I've been taking it very easy :) I don't want that stubborn pain to come back. I just want my check :( bills to be paid ya know!?

    Also, the day they put me on workmans comp, my suporvisor told me that someone from Liberty Mutual would give me a call. Havent gotten that call yet. But the union steward said that the call makes no impact on when they will pay me.
  4. CRASH501

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  5. EvilKittie86

    EvilKittie86 New Member

    Ah sorry. I've been injured since November 13th, that is the day it was called in. December 15th is the day that I was put on workmans comp. And yes, I was given a claim number. I'm going to have to do some calling around tomorrow to get things worked out.
  6. EvilKittie86

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    Alright, I'm pretty sure I got this figured out. In Wisconsin, the insurance company takes about 14 days to get me my check.

    "In most cases, the first payment will be made by the insurance company within 14 days of your last day worked. If payment takes longer, contact your employer or its compensation insurer."

    Thanks for the info, I was just getting worried about getting paid :)
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This thread and the delay that Bad Cat is going through should be a wake up call for all of us to have an emergency fund set aside to ensure that our bills get paid even though we have no money coming in.

    This is also why I have supplemental health insurance.
  8. ups1990

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    Upstate, can you explain SHI. I have Life Insurance, but how does this other one work?
  9. EvilKittie86

    EvilKittie86 New Member

    For sure. But I am unfortunately a poor college kid :(
  10. 705red

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    I would call Liberty Mutual myself to make sure they know you are on lost time. DO NOT take this for granted that your sup did the right thing! Also Workers comp lws vary from state to State. Here in Ill, you get 66 and 2/3rds your last years earnings, this includes other jobs outside UPS if you are not able to work them also.

    Call the 800 and ask to speak to your case agent, have your claim number ready and I wish you a speedy recovery.
  11. EvilKittie86

    EvilKittie86 New Member

    I'll have to look that number up, i was never given it =/ I should just call the sup thats been dealing with my injury and ask him for the number.

    My steward said that for the check they take your average pay from the past 6 months. I sure hope thats true!
  12. rod

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    You are learning the tough lesson about work comp. Nothing will get done with your claim unless you take the bull by the horns and start making phone calls. Document everything and make double copies. Never turn over any paperwork to work comp, UPS or the Union unless you have duplicate records. It can be total hell dealing with a comp claim so be prepared to fight for yourself. Don't be afraid to hire a work comp lawyer if you need to.
  13. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Your state should also have a Workers Compensation Commission, they do have ALL the laws concerning on job injuries.
  14. EvilKittie86

    EvilKittie86 New Member

    So UPS didn't even bother to tell liberty mutual that I was losing time off of work. I've been on the phone with liberty mutual today and they are being pretty helpful with it. They are getting in contact with UPS to see what the heck when on and the dates of my lost time so I can get paid ASAP.
  15. Dark_Team_135

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    One other thing you should look into is that if you are off long enough (22 days here in Indiana) then by law the company (or their Workers Comp insurance carrier) has to pay you for the 7 day "waiting period" you had to go through before you starting getting paid.

    There should be a Workers Compensation website for your state that you can go to for information concerning the law...
  16. DazedandConfused

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    Keep on them! If they don't call you when they say, call them! Most of all, never trust UPS to do the right thing by you!!!!!!! Any penny they can avoid paying out, they will. Take care of #1......YOURSELF!!!! I am pretty sure in my area there is just a one week waiting period, but I might be getting that confused with Good luck
  17. Dark_Team_135

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    I think in most states it is a 7 day waiting period, so your time starts after that. It usually takes about 14 days to get the first check.
  18. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    The OP is out of Wisconsin so look up the law in Wisconsin.
  19. Dark_Team_135

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    Thanks Red,

    Looks like Wisconsin has better terms than Indiana as far as when your time off is compensable:

    * Regardless of how long an employee has been working for an employer, or whether or not he/she is in a probationary or training status, coverage for Workers Compensation purposes begins on the first day of work.

    * However, in order to expedite the processing of your claim, you should immediately report your injury or ailment to your supervisor.

    * It is your employer’s responsibility to report your injury to their worker's compensation insurance carrier (or claims handling office).

    * In most cases, the first payment will be made by the insurance company within 14 days of your last day worked. If payment takes longer, you should contact your employer or their insurance carrier to find out the reason for delay.

    * There is a three-day waiting period. The first 3 days of lost time after the injury are not compensable. Compensation is payable beginning on your 4th day of lost time. If your disability extends beyond 7 calendar days, the 1st 3 days of lost time would be picked up and paid retroactively.
  20. dcdriver

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    Get a lawyer.