Worldwide Dedicated Services?

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    I have seen two of these trucks pulling trailer(s) of a nationally known pastry company.
    The trucks are white, have single drive axles, don't have sleepers and have "Worldwide Dedicated Services" on the door with "Atlanta Ga" underneath the WDS.
    Guess what?.......on the front bumper is a license plate with the UPS logo on it.
    I talked to one of the drivers who said he was a member of the Teamsters. Other than that he didn't seem too happy with being a UPS employee (imagine that).
    I would appreciate a straight answer from any management member other than the one that feels the need to call people names.
    If our company is about to go "belly up", "bankrupt", "broke", "the way of GM" or any other allusion to being non-existant then how can we afford to start/purchase/take over another truck line?

    What are the implications for the existing feeder drivers at the next contract when the company, just convienently, has another truck line lurking in the shadows?

    I don't need smart answers. Hopefully the classier management folks like Pretzel man, Chanahon, UPSLifer and Hoaxster (with his humor) with shed some light on this issue.
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    pastry eh ?
    Seems to me thats not good.
    They need dough .
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    This subsidiary has been around around 15 years or so.
    They were part of the UPS Logistics group way back when ... not sure which division now but probably UPS Freight.
    I see these all the time here in Atlanta but I have seen them in TN too (this year).
    As you described, they provide cartage for other firms whose core business is not transportation.

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    These fringe companies are all over North America. UPS operates differently depending on the region.

    For example...

    The southern states drivers don't do nearly the amount of work that we do in the north. This isn't bragging... The pace of life is slower down south. I am actually jealous of this fact. I am not challenging anyone from the south.

    I work with a supervisor from an Atlanta facilty and he confirms this.

    I repeat....

    I am not trying to start the civil war here

    (we do work harder though....:happy-very:)