Worried About if I'm going to start as a Unloader/Loader

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    Hello all!

    I've done a lot of reading on this forum, more than I am probably suppose to do, considering the fact that I haven't had my first day yet. I figured out I would be in local 804 if everything goes well. I understand the No/Yes debate and I'm tying to figure out if that's why I haven't started yet. I did my interview on July 12th and it went really well, but now is already the second week of August. I've been contacted multiple times by the same interviewer who I'm assuming is the head of hiring and hub manger. Last Tuesday I was called to do all my background check information and last Friday he called to say that I was hired and I got the job and that he was going to call by within 3 days to give me a starting date. Today is already 5 days later and I called twice and the phone rung for 5 minutes than hung up. Each time he called he ask "are you REALLY REALLY sure you want this job, Don't back out on me". I think he kept pressing this because he claimed he had the highest number of people who stayed on the job in the country, but who knows if that is true.

    What makes my situation unique is that the hub is right next to a university and Im going to be a senior next year. Its only a 10 minute BIKE ride from me. The interviewer said if I stuck it out as a unloader/loader I could move up to supervisor by 4 months but after reading this they are non union it might not be worth it to be a supervisor. Anyway after moving up he said since I am in the university right next to the hub once I graduate they will give me a job in finance right away. He says he graduated from the same school and UPS paid for some of his tuition and he moved up over 25 years.

    I'm from South Florida and was born and raised there till I was 18. For the past two years I've been on my own here in long island with no family. I moved out of the dorms a couple of months ago and although I'm saving money big time the slow cash burn of bills coming up every week is eating me alive. The dorms was just one big lump sum that could be paid for my student loans.

    So my questions are:
    1. Is the new contract even into effect yet? Could that be what is delaying my start date?
    2. Would it be better to start before the contract goes into effect or afterwards, even though I don't have much of a choice?
    3. I've read a lot about attendance bonuses and was wondering if anyone knows if local 804 has them? because I would easily attend work all the time, I don't understand how people don't show up and expect to move up in the world. Maybe the day before a holiday I might but there are holidays and sick days for that.
    4. Is it worth it to stick it out till may 2019 to get the finance job after college at UPS or was he lying because he needs hub rats? Because I could probably get a job in Manhattan with an hour commute at a bank as a teller for 15 an hour but there's no program to move up after you graduate at those banks.

    Any info is extremely appreciated, hopefully I will be allowed on board so I can bust my ass and make some cash. Thank you in advance!
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  2. You will be under the new contract reguardless
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    Interesting thanks for the quick reply, but it hasn't been signed yet correct? So lets say I get lucky and start tomorrow I would start at $11 an hour or $13 an hour.
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    ahhh ok :censored2: they should be hiring me already then because some people definitely don't want to work for 11, but its worth it for me if I have a job right out of college.
    Do they back pay and give a big check when the contract is signed?
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    Read Gumby’s message again. You are under the new contract.
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    My bad never been in a union before.
  8. The old contract is expired we are just working under the terms of it until we get a new contract. You aren't working yet so you will be considered hired under the new contract ( which we don't have yet.) So I highly doubt you would get $13.
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    Thank you for the clarity, I see you on every page Gumby! hopefully there is back pay eventually to make up the difference
  10. Good luck to you
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    Ask your hr guy if he is still part time. most of hr is part time. Thats not moving up
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    Good News, They called me yesterday and said I was starting out this coming monday!! They first called and said it could be another 2-3 weeks but they called back the next day and told me to come in this monday for sure. Wonder what happened. I'm just happy I can hopefully get my first 30 or 40 days in before the thanks giving holiday.