Worthless Rewards

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    How many times have you seen someone go way above and beyond, yet receive either nothing (most common), a positive OLCC, or a paper BZ (no check)? I guess that for some people, the recognition of a job well done means something in and of itself...it has intrinsic value. Most of us, however, aren't so noble. We'd like something tangible...like a check or gift certificate.

    This speaks to the grade school level recognition system we have in-place here at Express. If you do a great job, the magic FedEx fairy "rewards" you with the equivalent of a gold star or your name atop some meaningless "award" sheet. It also speaks to how management views our intelligence level...like that of a third grader.

    If FedEx wants some buy-in, make it worth our while to do so. How about a new car for the top sales lead producer in the nation, and a big screen TV for the runner-up? Or tickets to a sports event or concert? Sorry, but lunch with the senior, or some other FedEx functionary doesn't cut-it. Squeeeak!

    The bottom line is that FedEX is CHEAP! Not just thrifty, but miserly-cheap, like Mister Krabs of SpongeBob Squarepants fame. I get the feeling that if Fred dropped a penny down a street grate, he'd have half of the Memphis Public Works Dept. out there trying to retrieve it.

    Is any other huge company this effing cheap?
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    If he gets his penny back he'll be squeezing it so hard that Lincoln will be screaming his ass off for all of Memphis to hear.

    FedEx cheap? Not at all if you're one of Fred's top dogs (district level or above.) Everyone else, forget it.
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    Oh, he'd get it back, even if they had to tear-up the street for thousands of dollars. Then he'd send the bill back to the City of Memphis, who'd gladly pay it because Fred already owns the city.