Would it be to far of a reach to have votes counted on a local basis?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by dirtlovingranny, May 14, 2013.

  1. dirtlovingranny

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    Just a thought but why can't or why are the voting ballets not counted on a local level? With all the disapproval of this tentative agreement, the union trying to push this contract,it seems that it leaves a lot of holes open for cheating when a ballot is sent via postal service.(A "no" vote some how got lost in the mail,or perhaps the mail didn't get delivered until after the count.) After all we all know that if it is a matter of convenience, it will happen...
  2. JoeDirt

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    i think you are right on, count the vote locally so we all know how the votes are counted and reported. do we really need another "Hoffa" outcome before we all wake up?
  3. Varela1 ups freight

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    Where voting Sunday over here in Los Angeles ca I voting no I hope my brothers do the same
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When you get your ballots in the mail you will realize just how foolish your question and the subsequent posts were. Voting by mail is by far the most fair way to do it. The key is to make sure your personal information is correct with the union and to follow the instructions when filling out your ballot and sending it in.
  5. dirtlovingranny

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    Are you suggesting that they have no way of verifying who we are at a local union hall? They seem to know everyone 's correct information when it comes to taking out union dues."The key" is to make sure that every vote is counted appropriately and honesty.Voting on local levels, in person, where the votes are counted and reported would only take the question(oops, sorry for my foolishness) of any skewing out of the equation.What is wrong with votes being counting out in the open at a local level? Since you have called me stupid for asking a question, i will in the future read your posts, and understand, that they are coming from a closed minded person, where most opinions are wrong except for theirs.Due diligence my good sir or madam.
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    I see upstate is just as popular as ever
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You need to remember that you are no longer in the minor leagues (Overnite) and you are dealing with a company and union who have done this "vote by mail" thing a few times. When you receive your ballot in the mail follow the directions on the envelope----it's really that simple.

    You do need to make sure that the union has your correct address on file or you will not receive a ballot.
  8. TimeForChange

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    Absolutely correct and important. If you have recently moved, you should have already officially notified your Local Union of your new address. But if you didn't notify them, you need to pick up your phone and do it now, or at the latest, during business hours during the next business day.
  9. Shooter

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    I too feel that this mail in deal is full of ways to cheat, One way to do it is too allow 24 hrs of voting in person at your local union hall and when it,s over have each local President report the out come to the international. If members can't drive by the hall and vote in 24 hrs it's not important enough to them, they won't take the time to mail it in either, I trust our local pres. and BA more than I do the international I'm sorry to say
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The "vote by mail" processs is handled by a third party vendor not associated with either the union or company. The process couldn't be more secure.

    You guys will see just how unfounded your concerns are when your ballots arrive in the mail.
  11. Walleye

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    My hall is a 4 hour drive one way,...

    I'll vote by mail thank you,...........