WOW Norway! What Are You Doing Right?


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This caught my eye because we have guests staying at our house right now from Norway.

We went to visit them and there gorgeous country last summer. Very pretty and VERY expensive. We about went broke in our 2 week visit, bottles of water to drink 2-3$ american, out to eat for 4 people..$300 american etc..

They are currently boosting our economy by buying EVERYTHING in sight because it is all so cheap for them here, everything is AT least 1/2 off what they pay.

THis is the kicker.. even though there countrys is rich in petroleum..they pay 3-4$ US per LITER of gas.. so if you do the math is about 11-12$ a GALLON they pay.

Both of them would LOVE to live in the USA.


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Oh I forgot, when we were visiting last summer we saw the Olso UPS 'hub'. on a Sunday..

(Important because being a Sunday the entire brown "fleet" was parked in the lot)

Small building... One 500 and one Sprinter parked in the lot.