WOW Why i will still vote no on supplements and riders

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    I called the hall (957) I ask what plan of teamcare are we going to have. There like 2 that I saw for OH. Also i wanted to see if my doctors ,hospitals and other things were covered and who the heck is teamcare . Like i have been asking for 4 months. Well what do the teamsters say, WELL WE JUST DON'T KNOW YET ,WERE NOT SURE WHAT PLAN YOU GET WTF WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME. It FReaken Aug 1st and still no info. Yes i will be voting no on everything .Till teamsters can get there head out of there ass .......
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    It's a lot of work, and from what I understand uncharted territory. 18 supplements were voted down, I'm sure they were caught off guard. Now they're trying to pick up the pieces and FULLY understand the concerns of each local that voted down the supplements. Before they can make an attempt at a new offer, if they even do change anything is still a wonder.
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    Yes i know ,we just want informed ,I have gone 24yrs and my trust in the teamsters is fading away .I do respect what they have done for me over the years ,but this is not the ups/teamsters i once looked up to with respect.
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    Exactly the way I feel
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    Can't put it any better
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    It's not the same UPS you worked for nor is it the same USA you lived in.

    ​Just sucks don't it.
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    You're asking for plan specifics that haven't even been set yet. The plan was to roll ~140,000 or so UPS'ers from Company Plans into TeamCare, with existing members of company plans receiving the "C6 Enhanced Benefit" while FT employees in CS H&W maintaining the same benefits. That's no small feat.

    Coupled with 2/3 of the country voting down their supplements over moving into TeamCare, the CS H&W trustees seeing about raising benefit levels, negotiations being ongoing, etc. there's not really a lot known right now. Give your local's secretary a break.
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    Plus, not every local may get into TeamCare. The west is looking at other options since some of the required companies to get full benefits for xrays and meds don't exist over here. It's a nightmare and I wouldn't expect to hear anything till after peak to be honest. The union has until October to find a better/comparable plan. I'm fine with waiting. I've said it a bunch before, I don't care if they take a whole year to get it right. It'll make my retro check that much more useful.
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