written up for calling out sick

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    ok i've got a question. i was really sick one day so i texted my part time sup telling him and he just said i was bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ting. so we went at it texting to and from. so i decided to call to prove how sick i was cause i could barely talk unless i took a swig of cough medicine. he didnt answer the call and the next text he sent me was that i better have a doctors note the next day or i was getting written up. i went back the next day and could talk a little but was constantly coughing all nite so it was atleast obvious i was sick. i had my part time, full time, and steward talking to me and the steward even had the balls to say i could get fired for calling out sick because im new. now can someone shed some light on my situation?
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    Here, have a refreshing drink of the UPS SODA. Say Onething Do Another.

    The sup should be written up for being a moron. Unless there's something we're missing (or it varies by region) you can take up to 2 days out, 3 days requires a doctors visit and it's approval. I believe this varies.

    Anyways, don't worry about it. As long as the story is how you described.:funny:
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    PS, welcome to the real world. The goal is to not miss work or be late any day especially if you are within the 30 days. Go to work, let them send you home or talk with them to leaving and asking about a doctors note. If you are severly sick, then obviously do what you did but go see a doctor. It's called 30 working days, you make them problem free or you don't. The union won't back you if you don't show up for work, period.
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    Texting in sick?
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    Hah, I thought it you said it!!
    Calling in on a land line or cell phone is the only way.
    They can do whatever they want before you qualify and are a union member, so best drag yourself to work. My feeling is you can get through 3 hrs sick, unless you are blowing chunks at every turn, and even then.
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    Welcome to generation "Why"
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    Why? Why not just have the courtesy to call in. That way you know who you talked to and that the message was actually recieved.
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    In this day in time its crazy I swear if the gov't took away texting now from people (Young) they would completely shut down..

    That's how everything is done now, I had a hourly person text me one night @ 8:30 pm telling me he dropped a 55 lbs on his foot and he couldn't come in. Where he is the only one that works for me on a twilight sort that he is to punch n at 9;15pm. I was sooooo pisssed because of the text message that's just disrespectful if you ask me.

    If you can't call in and actually talk to your supervisor then I think its a problem (now not talking about all situations but you hopefully get the point). This guy does not have a good re pour anyway when I was working on the local myself loading beside him seen the real there. One Friday night he called in said he had broken his wrist and then meraculously he came in on Monday completely healed, he must have seen the pope over the weekend and laid healing hands on him.:surprised:

    Next day he came in punched in and started working, I came around the corner at 9:20 he was kinda limping around. I asked do you have a doctors note for me? No he replied (forgot to mention in the text mess. sent said he was on his way to emergency room) First of all don't ever text me again call in or if your to hurt or whatever have a parent or etc pick up a phone and call 2 you said you dropped a 55 lbs weight on your foot it would probably be broke or so dam sore you wouldn't be able to put any weight on it.

    Third you say you done this and now you have come in punched in without talking to me w/out a doct. note, your not coming in here and getting hurt... Sent him home

    It just amazes me just how disrespectful kids are these days. He was not hurt just putting on a great show.. about 2 days later he came to me and told me the truth it was all a complete lie, shocked I was.
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    This is not your fathers UPS ain't that crazy!!!!
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    Never called out sick in my life.

    And texting to call out sick is pathetic. Might as well have had your mom call in or have her write a note.
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    Texting in that you are sick is just plane chicken shi---.
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    Never start a thread with OK.
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    ...or Dude.
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    And use the "shift" key to capitalize the first letter of each sentence.
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    Now that's a thought...I can get my 78 year old mom to call in for her 49 year old son..LOL....I love it!!
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    My feeling is that they've made their 30 days already, afterall, who'd ever text a supe? And texting to call off, at that. Is that called texting off?
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    If this is a recurring problem and you give the sup reason not to believe you are sick you should have been written up, also texting in sick is just unprofessional and if I was a sup I would think you just didn't care enough to call if I have to call to say I am running late or anything I call my FT sups cell phone at least call what if they don't get the txt and you don't show what will they think then. In order to cover you own butt you need to do it the right way.
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    Heres the thing, you are new so you havent accrued sick time if you are in your probation then all bets are off.... in our building its the 9 occurences in 9 months rule if you call in and you dont have the sick time it counts as an occurence which needs to be documented