Written up for misloads during probation period

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  1. New to the forums...I've been written up twice for missloads and i've only been here for 3 weeks. They made me initial next to them. I'm worried about getting let go after my probation period. What do you guys recommend I do if I get written up for more missloads? Should I even be initialing next to these write ups without talking to my union steward?
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    You do not have union protection until you have completed your probation period.

    You are being asked to initial the paperwork to acknowledge the misloads. Your refusal to do so in your 30 days could lead to your dismissal.

    You need to work on making sure you are putting the right packages on to the right cars.
  3. Thanks for the reply...I'm now taking all misloads clear out of my trailer, which i wasn't doing before. i'm loading at 250 pph, hoping if i boost it up over 300 they may let the misloads slide if I stop getting them and keep me on. My sup has been testing me on misloads this week and so far I've caught them all. Last week was hell with a new pick off sending me constant misloads and had a trailer full of them did my best in my 2nd week to get them all out, but I can't really blame anyone but myself.
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    Wait, how are you getting misloads loading trailers (feeders)? The scanners they've had for the last 2-3 years stop you when scanning the wrong destination...unless you're scanning a dirty bag, someone is putting incompatibles in after you're a done or a sup is throwing crap in before sealing it.
  5. I've had people help me out been loading 3 trailers...since i've left misloads in the trailer on the side walkway i assume other loaders have just been loading them
  6. I'll prob start looking for another job doubt they'll keep on after my probation period
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    You must have faith brother. Slow down and concentrate on accuracy and try not to make any more mistakes.
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    I bet you will not get that lucky. As long as you show up on time everyday and show a good effort and reduce your misloads you will be kept on. I would still keep looking for a better job even after you pass your probation period.
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    If you find a misload and don't toss it out of the trailer then you deserve what you get. If you're not the only one loading the trailer then they can't prove you had a misload because the new scanners won't let you load it.
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    Stop worrying so much. Just show up everyday and have a willingness to learn.
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    From someone who has been there: don't worry about misloads as much for now. When you're on your packet you need to be focused on pph and making your supervisors happy. Showing up to work on time every day is very important. The paper you initialed is simply acknowledging that you had misloads, this is different from being written up. From the point you initial that paper, they have 10 working days to write you up. After that, they can't do anything.

    Once you get off your 30 days, join the union as soon as possible. Then, misloads and load quality should be your only concerns. Attendance should always be a concern. They can't write you up for speed, but they can get you for not following methods, attendance, and for misloads.

    You can do it! I was in your shoes before and I did it. It's not easy but once you have a few months of experience, they will leave you alone. Dealing with this situation will make you a stronger person, and you will be more resilient when dealing with management in the future.
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  12. Passed my probation. Got my benefits after working 60 hours in a month glad I don't have to wait a year. Haven't had a misload since this happened.
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  13. bleedinbrown58

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    How long is the wait for benefits in your area? I'm confused as to how you have benefits after a month or so....
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    Oh yeah? You're in for a surprise, buddy.

    They'll keep pretty much anybody who shows up at least 4 days out of the week and doesn't get caught committing any crimes on the clock.
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    Adultery? Can't begin to list how many repeat offenders caught in the act on the mgmt side, that just get moved around. :D

    Twisted culture
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    whats ur average pph and did they ever come in and tell u that ur numbers needed to improve?
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    You sure about the benefits? You don't get anything for a year.
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    Just quit dude.This place is miserable.You will be happier somewhere else trust me.
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    I agree with two out of the three sentences quotes above.

    You know, just in case anyone was wondering how I felt about it....
  20. To qualify for benefits in our area, you have to work 60 hours per month. That's it no wait time here