Wrongful death trial under way involving two truck drivers

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    Wrongful death trial under way involving two truck drivers - The Day

    A New London jury listened to opening statements Thursday in a wrongful death lawsuit brought against an Oakdale truck driver and United Parcel Service stemming from a November 23, 2010, crash that resulted in the death of George Upton.

    Upton, 54, of Jewett City, was driving to work on Interstate 395 South when his pickup truck was rear-ended by a UPS van driven by Joseph Socha of Oakdale. Upton's widow, Julie Upton, is suing Socha and UPS for loss of life, loss of consortium, recklessness, negligence and lost wages of approximately $500,000.
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    What a sad story. According to media reports, when this accident occurred, his young son was facing charges for vehicular homicide & hit-and-run. His son has since pleaded (the equivalent) of no contest, being sentenced to only 20-months in jail. Which is something I'll never understand. People caught downloading child pornography are automatically sentenced to long-term sentences (~10 years minimum)... people who get drunk and kill somebody serve less than two years.
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    Bagels... who's young son? The person who died? Or the UPS driver?
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    The UPS driver.