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    I seemed to have gotten into a pissing contest with upsstateNYUPSER over a couple of his evil & nasty comments that he made about me "in a private forum", as some other BCer pointed out to me.

    Anyhow, I have since stepped forward and apologized to Mr. upsstateNYUPSER and suggested that the "Gentlemanly" thing to do would be to return the apology for the name-calling and the ill-words.

    I have initiated this with him and he has "Accepted" my apology via a PM.

    I ask him now to recognize my second request for an apology and we'll go forward from there...

    (BTW..I sought out a MOD-wannabe and got his advice)
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    Well, your avatar is a fire hydrant after all :wink2:...It's nature's ah...porta-potty:cool_dog: