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    I was in training last week, and our trainer / supervisor told us a story about an unloader asked by a yard guy to help him pick up the box that fell, so the unloader went to the yard with no safety vest or something and he got crushed by a backing up trailer. he said it was somewhere by the east coast hub.

    My question is, is this true or is he just making it up?
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    It has happened more than once. I know that it happened in North Carolina a couple of years ago. That pters death is why we have the yard safety rules.
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    I see, cause i thought he was just being a "trainer" and wants us to follow every single yard rules..
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    All quality UPSers will follow every single yard rule at all times.

    There are lives at stake.

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    yes its true. someone was killed by a backing down trailer but even though its true that story has made the rounds more than a few timers in my hub as well. its a scare tatic, UPS dosnt exactly have a good safety record and while they can "skirt" all the bs injuries someone dying on the job is a completely diff story.
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    My best friend growing up, his dad was a 2nd shift supervisor at AMC in Kenosha. I was about 11 and he came home late (7am) while I was staying over. He stayed up all day, drinking beer at the kitchen table. That night, a trailer was being backed on a door, something happened and someone jumped out of the dock door and was flattened by the trailer. Ron had to help clean up the body, he said that they used scoop shovels. I will never ever forget the pain in his voice when he told us what happened.

    I have thought about that whenever I was in the yard, way before the UPS yard safety rules.