Years to be vested in retiree insurance at age 55??

Discussion in 'UPS Retirement Topics' started by vertiflight, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. vertiflight

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    Like everyone else who has tried to retire I am hitting roadblock after roadblock.

    My question is how many years do I have to work at UPS to qualify for the retiree insurance at age 55?
    I have 4 years of part time union work, 4 years of part time non union supervision and 18 years of union full time driving. Total of 26 years of service.
    My local which is within the central states Tennessee is verbally stating that I am not eligible for the retiree insurance without 20 years of full time service.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
  2. cosmo1

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    Sounds like you need to work two more years.
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    I believe you do need the 20 F/T years, to get your medical benefits, at least it was for me in NJ when I retired. I left with 25 F/T yrs at age 55 but I could of retired at 53 or 54 with a reduced pension but I still would of gotten the medical benefits because of the F/T yrs of service
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    Here in NC I can retire with my 25 years of full time service but will not be able to buy the crappy CS insurance until I am 55. They will offer it one time only so if I turn it down they will not offer it to me again.. If one retires with 25 years and gets the 2000 a month pension, after your deductions when doing your taxes it will bring your taxable income down low enough to get a discount with Obama care.. I have checked into this and I may be better off getting Obama care with a low income discount..It is something to check into when retiring . I hope to get on the Obama plan when I retire in the next few years and check out my options after I see what my taxable income actually is and what kind of rate I can get with my low earnings.. I plan on no t touching my 401 K for 4-5 years and living on my pension only..
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    Would you be eligible for Teamster insurance if you worked 30 rather than 25 years?

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  7. oldngray

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    I think Central States is 30 and out at any age at many locals but some are still 30 at age 55. The CS insurance now says min age of 52 if you are eligible to retire but that is new I think. I know when I retired UPS screwed up my healthcare (I was under the UPS plan) and while I was getting it straightened out I checked and CS was min age of 55 then. When they added the UPS retires to Teamcare that were under 55 they had to modify their plans. In any even, I think you still need 30 years of credit so you would need to work 2 more years. Some locals had 25 years at 55 but I think those are gone now.
  8. carolann1953

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    So if I am reading this right I worked 11 years part time and now an in my 13 year full time I won't be eligible for ins when I retire at 66 since I didn't have 25 full time years?

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  10. softshoe

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    You are eligible for Medicare when you are 65
  11. carolann1953

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    Yes I know that but will have to have a supplement to Medicare.

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  12. rlbryce36

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    I would ck with the retirement office. in ny you can fax your social security # and years you want to know about . your are 24 years total . If you worked enough hours the years you were part time you will get a full years credit just like driving. they will tell you exactlly how much you will make each month.