Yelled at for blocking traffic


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Back in the day I tried to avoid confrontations with idiots. I would use my Unlimited Parking Spots card with the idiots. No cell phone or security cameras to record everything.
The one town I delivered in even took my suggestion of posted delivery only spots in the business district that was enforced.


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Dip:censored2: should have received a ticket for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

We're emergency vehicles also, and we trump them.

At least that's what they tell us when they send us out in a class 3 blizzard when all the roads are closed.

They try and tell us we are considered emergency vehicles and are allowed on closed roads because we deliver medication that some people may desperately need.

And, I might agree, but then why don't we just deliver the medicine and then come back? Why deliver all the Amazon when the roads are closed?

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Looked like he had at least one airpod in. Playa probably had them in both ears jamming out...
My thoughts, if management get the video they could easily start discipline for having earbuds in both ears causing him to not hear the siren as quickly as he should have.