Yemen Packages on UPS, FedEx Jets Show `Massive' Air-Cargo Security Hole

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    Yemen Packages on UPS, FedEx Jets Show `Massive' Air-Cargo Security Hole - Bloomberg

    Explosives found in air-freight shipments from Yemen spotlight a dangerous hole in U.S. screening efforts and may spur the government to change how air cargo is handled, security specialists said.

    Discovery of the packages in the U.K. and Dubai, both bound for synagogues in Chicago, triggered an examination of three United Parcel Service Inc. planes yesterday and confiscation of a FedEx Corp. parcel. Both companies halted service from Yemen.

    While new U.S. rules implemented in August require screening of all cargo in the bellies of passenger airliners, goods on air freighters aren’t subject to those checks. UPS is the world’s largest package-delivery company, and Memphis, Tennessee-based FedEx runs the biggest cargo airline.

    “You cannot possibly inspect every last package that is sent across the globe,” said Christopher Boucek, an analyst specializing in al-Qaeda and the Middle East at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington. “That is an inherent, massive weakness.”
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    And why wouldn't a terrorist from Yemen just ship from a different country?
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    they were toner cartridges,,,actually very inventive...but who ships toner cartridges nda?
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    I heard it was a complete laser printer, where the installed toner cartridge was the bomb. How did they find that? Must have been some sort of sniffer.
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    Very good point.

    How about how UPS hiring non-dues paying "Seasonal Helpers" to drive around in golf carts. They have minimal background checks and no training. The boxes are unsecured on the golf cart and can be stolen and or altered.

    A Ft Hood-like terrorist could get a peak helper job and gain powerful access to businesses, residences, churches and government offices.

    Scumbag is not supervised and could bring his own special package filled with explosives and or automatic weapons.

    UPS does not care because it is all about greed. Many an important government official has peak helpers deliver to their homes.

    Peak helpers should only work under the direct supervision of a driver and not all alone on golf carts out of storage containers.
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