yesterday's crazy OMS message.

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  1. Yesterday we had severe thunderstorms in my area. Torrential downpours, high winds, even hail. We received the following message yesterday afternoon: "Driver in district struck by lightning. Avoid walking or standing next to poles or tall trees when walking stops". I talked to my sup last night when I got in and he said the driver was in the hospital and should make a full recovery. I can't help to think that UPS will somehow find a way that this was avoidable.
  2. over9five

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    I would have avoided getting out of the PC till the lightning stopped.
  3. rod

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    I always just shut it down when it got that bad and put my feet up on the dash and waited a few minutes for the storm to pass.. My mother didn't raise no fool.
  4. It stormed on and off all day, but the worst part of it lasted about an hour and a half.
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    Hope the poor guy will be ok. The sad thing is, we all know that somehow and some crazy way ups will say it was avoidable. In UPS's mind there is no such thing as an accident.
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    This is when u said message back "have delivery stop surrounded by tree's please advise. Next stop same message. See how that goes.
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    Same here.
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    Did you get wet?
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    I was sent a message from my on car sup that I was to pick up the pace and I wouldn't have any issues of rain/lightning. My reply was if your mother had you wouldn't be here,received nothing back. :) wonder why ??????
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    Bottom line, they just dont care.. They play the safety game to make it appear that they care, but it all boils down to the numbers and that is all corporate cares about.. we are just numbers, that can easily be replaced....
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    That's not a comp injury....that's an act of GOD.....claim DENIED!
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    Best. OMS message. Ever.

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    Coming soon...your newest safety acronym: S.H.O.C.K.

    Stay low.
    Heed the weather warnings during your break.
    Only use your metal cart when necessary.
    Clear the area of tall objects.
    Keep moving to avoid making yourself a stationary lightning rod.

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    Smart phones have changed how I deliver for UPS since I began 13 years ago.

    I can easily check my Iphone and check pinpoint radar on how soon and how long a T-storm/rain shower will be.
    Planning my breaks and lunch around the info keeps me drier.

    Of course, if you get a storm that lasts more than an hour, you are SOL !! :thunderstorm:
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    Are you gonna melt ??? lol

    If you think not going out in the rain is SAFETY FIRST, then you should let the big boys do the delivering and you can stay in the kitchen !!! :rofl:
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    O.K. ill tell the truth....I don't go out in the rain so that my beer holding hand doesn't get all pruned up!!! And yes I will stay in the kitchen, so Ill be close to my beer!! If you don't like it...FILE A GRIEVANCE
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    Who the hell raised you then? :wink2:
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    Hope the driver wasn't Trish. With all that hardware in her neck, she would make a nice lightning rod.