You Are Part Time If You Work Under 40 Hours .. Coming Soon

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    I'll put this out there and go find the link (sure it's in my history, I'm all over the place getting info these days). The new "mandate" for employers with over 50 employees is on hold till 2015. However, one of the big deals is that they consider FULL TIME, over 30 hours. So as you've already seen, certain employers just stop shy of 30 hours, so they don't have to do the right thing. I truly feel FedEx is headed in that direction, even though they are self-insured. How many of the FULL TIMERS do 40+ on a consistent basis? I read an article that certain Senators are trying to raise the minimum FULL TIME hours to 40, instead of 30. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why. So in other words, you will be considered PART TIME under 40 hours. Guarantee this has everything to do with "AHA". I see our insurance going away for PART TIMERS ... real soon. Now let me go find that link.
  2. NonyaBiznes

    NonyaBiznes Yanked Out My Purple-Blood I.V. In 2000!

    Senators: 40-Hour Full-Time Obamacare Bill Makes Sense
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    Employers have played this game from when I got my first job many many years ago..It used to be 37.5 hours to be a full timer,always got stuck with 35,36hrs. Just another way for greedy corps. to screw the working..This is nothing new.
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    I've been with FedEx since '86, minus about a year and a half. In all that time part-time was considered less than 30. Fulltimers were guaranteed per FedEx policy 35 hrs on either a 5X8 or 4X10 schedule. This is definitely something new, it was the loophole larger employers found to get out of paying for Obamacare. If they are forced to pay then expect them to make do with less employees. For all the talk about fatcat Repubs etc the fact is that many small businesses strive to make a decent living for both owners and employees and there's very little left over. This law will put many of them between a rock and a hard place. Of course you'll never hear that from proponents of the law.
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    You're not a small business if you have over 50 employees.
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    My guess is that this is a Republican-led effort to help employers and screw employees. Nothing new there.
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    FedEx could have dropped healthcare coverage to EVERYONE before the bill.
    At least now there is a requirement or fine to employers that don't .
    Your argument make no sense.
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    Under Obamacare employers can choose to provide higher quality health insurance or pay a fine per employee. FedEx may still at some point choose to just pay the fine. Since they are having every employee who chooses to have healthcare PAY THEM each month, most likely most of what they shell out in healthcare coverage as a self-insurer is covered by the employees. So it wouldn't make sense to drop our coverage, such as it is, to pay a fine per employee. The loophole that is being taken advantage of by some employers really only applies to small firms who can get by without fulltime employees by forcing them to go part time. If this new law, if passed, allows employees to get more hours as "part-timers" then it's good for them.