You cant sign the info notice !

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  1. Indecisi0n

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    I was told that when a package requires a signature that the DIAD needs to physically be signed from the customers (can't be overridden). So then why does it say on the info notice you can sign the back and leave it for the driver? I get these all day and have to make a 2nd attempt and i write on the notice "must sign in person."
  2. Jones

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    That option is for leaving a package that doesn't require a signature but that you don't feel safe just DRing (apartments, townhouses in shady neighborhoods, etc). If the customer signs a notice saying that it's ok to leave the package, then it's not our responsibility if it gets stolen.
  3. upsgrunt

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    Hit the driver release button twice, verify the name and type it in, hit enter, enter location. That is the diad signed delivery routine.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There 4 options on the Info Notice to choose from when we cannot leave a package. Option A is when we ask the customer for permission to leave the pkg in a location which we do not feel comfortable doing so. Option B and C are for signature required and adult signature required, respectively, while Option D is for COD's. What I usually do when selecting either B or C is cross out the signature field on the back of the info notice.
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    The Info Notice could be stamped in bold letters "DRIVER WILL NOT ACCEPT SIGNED NOTICE. MUST SIGN IN PERSON ON DRIVER'S HANDHELD COMPUTER". Customers would still sign the notice.
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    Signed notes are only good when meeting the requirements of UPS internal policy, such as a commercial location or an unsecured apartment building. Packages that specifically state a signature is required, you are now dealing with the shipper's policy and that changes everything. It may be nothing more than the shipper's desire, (irreplaceable family photos for example) or it could be that they are complying with federal or state laws, (like wine, firearms, or dangerous medications). In either case, they are specifically stating that the package must be placed directly into responsible hands and a signature on the board proves it. It must not be left unattended under any circumstances. They have a legal right to demand that. Just explain to confused customers the question to ask is: who is requesting the signature, UPS or the shipper.
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    I see it too. I always circle the in person part on the front of the notice.

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    Won't work if the package barcode has a 42 in the middle of it. Signature Required and the board prompts you sig. req. Try it. It won't work. For doing a regular ground 03 in middle, then you can hit the SDN button, clarify, where you left it, and stop complete.
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    The best way to answer this question is to ask 3 different supervisors, then pick one of the answers that best suits your needs.
  10. rod

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    Finally an employee who has unlocked the secret of how UPS operates. (Here's another secret)-----I once had a center manager who told me to ignore all paperwork the first time around----if it is importent they will get back to you again.
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    If I am required as per the "42" in the tracking number to get a signature I will check both signature boxes on the delivery notice, write "in person" and circle it on the ride side of the info notice and then write "VOID" over the signature space on the back.

    Rockdale----the new info notices no longer say "(in person)" on the front of them.

    on a side note, I am so glad they got rid of the bilingual info notices. Ugh!
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    Those were a PITA. No room to write anything on the notice.
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    None of their drivel must be important then. The paperwork comes up to me in the TP60 and I file it in the burn barrel where I park my truck.
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  15. RockdaleEddie

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    Woops...using my phone Sorry.
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    What’s an info notice? Are they the small yellow book of paper that use to be on the counter at my center? over 1 month and my center still has no info notices. We have to go steal them from other centers in the building that are running low. No lie, well over 1 month and we still do not have notices.

    Driver drops the ball = talk with, warning letter, suspension, termination......BIG DEAL

    Management screws up = no big deal.

    Accountability needs to be evened out.

    Just saying
  17. faded jeans

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    Here's how you can expedite the ordering process: Just steal one notice. Keep scanning it over and over. A report several pages long will hit someone's desk. Poop hits the fan; poop everywhere!
    Info notices get ordered.