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  1. browntruckmechanic

    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    We were informed yesterday that we are only allowed to do Safety repairs on DVIR's and to schedule repairs for everything else.
    So I guess the state of the fleet is really about to fall apart.
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    :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, when I read the title it was more like "You can't spell stupid without S-U-P."

    Heh.... anybody see what I did there? smiley-eatdrink004.gif
  3. Integrity

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    How were you informed?

    Verbally from your supervisor or written PCM?

    What level of management was this directive from?

  4. sortaisle

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    I, It makes little difference who, where, when or what said anything. He works as directed. This really isn't news so to speak. They've always done safety repairs the day of (if they can...if not it's the ol' red tag) and scheduled other maintenance during LOF's or PMI's. At least where I'm at. They have to schedule the work half the time now anyways since we can't just go a block and a half a way to Kenworth, Detroit Diesel, or International to buy parts since we have to order our crap from some central receiving warehouse.
  5. Integrity

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    My question was not directed at you but I appreciate your participation on the BC.

    It may make little difference to you but not to me.

    To it is very important what level of management are giving directives especially if they are questionable directives that should not be followed without challenge.


    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    Oh crap!I guess I will need to carry a PMI form in my pocket to see what's in the shaded areas. Everybody claims things are safety related. I always do legitimate safety items and whatever else that is not as time and parts constraints allow.
  7. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    It still doesn't matter I. He still has to work as directed. It could have been a pt sup. Either way, most buildings that have mechanic shops have a shop manager that relays emails they get from corporate. Since all of our directives come from an email and not from the brains of our own managers, it doesn't matter who said what. There's nothing terribly questionable about this anyways. Safety repairs get done. Other repairs that aren't safety related get scheduled to fix. It really isn't nothing new. The only thing that's changed is the mechanics can't do extra work on the truck that ISN'T on the DVIR. If they happen to see something safety related they fix it. If it's paint chips or a noisy fan, they schedule the work.
  8. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

    Everything is parts on order anyway.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    Automotive mechanics are not allowed to pick and choose whose directions to follow from automotive management. "You have the right to disagree, but not to disobey."
  10. browntruckmechanic

    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    I don't like you. I think you are a worthless troll that looks for any reason to start crap with others. Well i shouldn.t say wothless you can always be used as a bad example.
  11. browntruckmechanic

    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    I try to addresss every line written on dvir. I have figured out that the more I do on dvir repairs the less I have to do on PMI or LOF's. I am one of the few in our district that have a 500 car days per road call or better. You don't do that with out the extra effort, and happy drivers.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    This is how it goes when you have a 8' x 20' storage area for everything and you have and probably a dozen different types of vehicles. There's only so much you can keep in inventory.:dissapointed: Ordering parts can be a crap shoot too because our system does not have pictures and the descriptions are sketchy at best a lot of the time.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    Exactly. If you don't do everything you can, you're going to be there all day on PMI. (plus the form is really unattractive for management reviewing it, especially in the shaded areas)
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    Ugh your back?
  15. Buck Fifty

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    Just have the drivers file a grievance everytime something you think shouldnt be passed over. Document everything. Probably just a new flavor.
  16. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    This is why I try to write up everything on my dvir. I don't want to break down somewhere and everyone knows proper maintenance beats fixing what's broken anytime.
  17. TooTechie

    TooTechie Geek in Brown

    Just put a sticky note to the driver suggesting we write up whatever you want us to :)
  18. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    First they wanted our mechs to do only repairs. Push the PMI's. That's ok if done within reason. A well maintained unit won't blow up if the oil change is put off another week or two.

    Then the PMI's got backed up so now it's PMI first, repairs second. Now on average 25% of the fleet is sitting on repairs that could be fixed in a day as PMI vehicles take up stall space for 3 days on up at a crack.

    Now EVERYTHING is getting written up. The board in the shop is yellow with DVIR sheets like wallpaper.

    Shop mgmt doesn't know whether to shiz or wind their watch.
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    What are you going to do, Dave leaves and I comes back.

    At least Dave was more entertaining.:devil3:
  20. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    ​Full rental fleet at peak!