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    UPS Wants to Divert Packages to UPS Freight
    Company Pushes for Work Rule Changes

    If management gets its way in contract negotiations, UPS will soon be diverting packages to UPS Freight, the company's nonunion freight carrier.

    Sources close to the negotiations have told Traffic World, a leading industry publication, that UPS is pushing for work rule changes that would allow them to move packages from its parcel to freight divisions.

    Corporate consultants love the idea.

    "It's nonunion. It would be more cost effective," said one industry expert.

    It would also destroy Teamster jobs.

    Traffic World broke the story in a report called, "Union Trading Parcels? UPS, Teamsters negotiations could shift to talks about shifting small packages to UPS Freight."

    The Teamsters Union could easily put the issue to rest by saying clearly that we will never agree to such a concession. Instead, our union refused to comment for the story. This only fueled speculation that the Hoffa administration is considering the deal in exchange for the right to organize UPS Freight.

    "That is one carrot that could be offered" sources familiar with the negotiations told Traffic World.

    While pension talks have gotten the most attention, analysts say these work rule changes could have the bigger impact.

    Analysts confirmed that "UPS has to have negotiations done quickly" because shippers "will not understand a protracted negotiations. They still remember the last strike."

    This gives us leverage. We should be using it to win the improvements Teamsters were promised under the "Best Contract Ever"--without new historic givebacks like the Central States pension grab or letting UPS take our work away and give it to UPS Freight.
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    SWEET!!! Less stops!!
  3. bear123

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    Be careful of what you ask for you just might get it.
  4. Griff

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    Hoffa will be GONE if he allows something like this to happen.
  5. pakmule

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    Did Hoffa forget about the demise of Consolidated Freight? It is now called Con-Way. The company conned their way into double-breasting. Sounds like UPS is going to do the same thing.
  6. upsgrunt

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    Welcome pakmule, but why the long face?:laugh:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    They (UPS) will try anything to improve stock for shareholders including taking the core business away and giving it to Non-Union arm of UPS Freight. Can we say union-busting here???
  8. pakmule

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    Its my outlook on the contract negotiations.
  9. pontiac467

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    i would hope no one would go for this, if this happened i think i would loose my job as a full time feeder driver that is still on the on call board because we would loose runs and i would never work. Right?
  10. rushfan

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    So will we have to deliver UPS freight?
  11. RockyRogue

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    No. My understanding of this is that Freight feeder/18-wheeler drivers would be pulling Parcel Division work. I don't think this is going to happen for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is that government regulations on what WE can pull vary from what THEY can pull as far as chemicals, etc. That having been said, I think I read on here sometime that UPS and other companies are lobbying Congress to modify the regulations such that the Freight AND Parcel Divisions would be able to operate in the same buildings. Thus, they would have a combined big rig operation. I see this being far more likely. Maybe not in the short term but very possibly in 5-10 years.

    I think I've hijacked this thread enough. My apologies. -Rocky
  12. tieguy

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    sounds like more bs. Frieght companies are not set up to pickup , sort and deliver small packages.
  13. Pollocknbrown

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    That would just be assonane, if UPS was to do that under the condition that the IBT was allowed in to unionize UPS freight, it would cost UPS even more with both unionized and having to set up freight to pick up sort and deliver small packages and parcels. than to just leave the system currently as is, thus driving the stock price down, and putting Eskew on the hot seat with all the stockholders.
  14. brownmonster

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    Parcel already hauls freight, that's why I can't get out of bed in the morning.
  15. diesel96

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    When I was a pkg car driver, other drivers and myself included did nothing but complain about Pottery Barn,Thermal-posterpedic beds and mattresses and Bowflex's. Ups freight can have it!(Hundred weight also).
    And just think of the money UPS will save in claims without damaging big :censored2: bulk!
  16. Yes, it would be "assonane" if UPS "allowed" the IBT to organize UPS freight. They're not going to cooperate with that though.

    Eskew isn't on a hot seat either. He has been slowly (too slowly, IMO) and deliberately placing pieces. At some point they're going to fall into place and you're going to be surprised and wonder how it all could have happened so quickly.

    Finally, look at the percentage of Teamster-represented hourly workers at UPS in 1997. Compare that number to the percentage of Teamsters-represented hourly at UPS today. Do you notice a trend? Can you see the Big Picture?
  17. bear123

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    you hit the nail right on the head Pontiac. I gurantee you, feeder drivers will have their own strike if the union allows this to happen.
  18. bear123

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    That's true Tieguy. HOwever freight companies can take the over 70's packages out of our hands. In other words if UPS can fanagle it, they would have UPS frieght do all the pickups of over 70's and have non union people deliver them.

    Something else I dont understand. UPS said if the union will allow UPS freight to handle parcels it would allow the teamsters to organize UPS freight. To me that is defeating the purpose of having non union guys take our pacakges. In other words if UPS freight is organized then thep people takning our packages will be making the same pay as union people. Am I missing something here or am I reading to much in it.
  19. RockyRogue

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    I think you're wrong, Bear. This is why. Even if these guys go union, they won't be making the same $$ as a package car or feeder driver--at least not immediately. I won't even hazard a guess on how long it would take for the pay to catch up, if it ever would. As a result, UPS saves money on the delivery end. Since I'm not clear on what dockworkers make, I couldn't even begin to guess what UPS would save there. Maybe I'M wrong about the economics. -Rocky
  20. blue efficacy

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    As an Irreg driver this brings me great fear. I don't want to lose my volume and my overtime.