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    For us old fogies, we sometimes think of this new fangled you tube as a depository of crazy things caught on tape. Yes, you can find clips of goofballs doing crazy and destructive things, but the resource has a wonderful side too.

    If you grew up watching Bishop Fulton J. Sheen on black & white TV, you can see his shows again. If you've enjoyed the musings and family stories from Leo Buscaglia, you can watch his messages in many parts on that site.

    If you loved a certain type of music from a particular group or person who may no longer be with us, they are preserved for you on you tube. Yes, I mean Bobby Darin.

    I find myself on that site a lot.....sometimes looking for the actual words of a politician's speech. There are many reasons to go there and I find it to be a wonderful resource for whatever your "thing" is.
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    rod retired and happy has got you tube beat all to heck for "crazy" videos:happy2:
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    Bishop Sheen, thanks for the memories of my Catholic upbringing!!