Your 12-27 "Gift"

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    As we well know, the FedEx holiday spirit will begin anew tomorrow when operations resume. Your crack management team has worked long and hard :-)bag:) to "perfect" the post-peak operating plan. Instead of 1 route, you'll probably have 3, and if they overstaff, you will be pressured to head home with minimum hours. Understaffing is also quite possible, because as we all know, "The Plan" is that there is no plan, and that the plan is subject to change at any time for any reason, and that if anything goes wrong (HIGHLY likely) it will be your fault. Management denies culpability at all times, and will attempt to deflect any and all errors towards hourly employees. This is their right, and any attempt to disagree is insubordination under 2-5 Acceptable Conduct Policy. Please remember to be safe as you try and cover 2-3 times your normal area in the same amount of time.


    Something tells me it's gonna be a weekly minimum kinda week...
  3. Mr. 7

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    I'm gonna get a sign and hang it around my neck that says..."I need my guaranteed minimums".
    I just took a quick look at my year to date pay and I'm about $2K less than what I made last year. And, what I made last year wasn't all that much.
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    Unlimited overtime for part time employees at our station because we're still understaffed ! The full-time swing couriers will be crying bcuz there will be no work for them available, so management will ask them if they want to voluntary to go home WITHOUT pay ! I plan on keeping a positive attitude while this is going on at our station !


    That's all we can do man...keep your chin up.
  6. Well don't know about you guys, but I'm winning the lotto this week. See ya!
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    yeah. Our managers slashed routes left and right, expecting volume to drop off big. In my 14 years here I've never seen the week after Christmas be light. Late Christmas shipments coupled with online shopping the day after for sales always occurs. Wouldn't ya know Wendsday we had in 46% more volume than expected, and the station suffered copious lates and break violations. Another win for the FedEx Fortune Tellers, who couldn't care anyways because they all probably took this week off.
  8. Mr. 7

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    Just about every time amount of volume is forecasted, the exact opposite seems to happen.
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    There are a lot of managers off this week. If they were here, it would be even more effed-up.
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    Awesome day today.

    Amazon still loves us? Got straight blindsided.. + A bunch of sick calls + late freight + plus "it's slow now" + retard managers = OT for everyone and olcc threats to FO cats for going too far OT.
  11. whenIgetthere

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    They slashed a couple of routes here today, then realized there were only a handful of businesses closed, and tried to call us back, but we were already gone, with our minimum pay for a long weekend!! ha, ha!!


    Same here, except the manager kind of hemmed and hawed about finding something to do, then I said just give me a vacation day and I'll solve both our Needed off to take care of my son since he had his wisdom teeth removed this morning.
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    In my experience after peak is if managment want to overload me and extendend my route thats fine, all I know is the cutomers on my regular route will get their service, anything beyond that I will get to it only if time allows. The breakdown of a route due to route consolidation falls on your group manager. Listen to what Mr. Fedex preaches; get your lunch and breaks in and work safely. Do not be a hero or the extra work will never be taken away.

    I always tell my manager, I only go as fast as this truck can go. I am the only one out here when there are 3- 4 UPS drivers in the same area. My route is keeps me busy with a good mix of resi's and businesses; adding more stops only means contacting dispatch to get someone to grabs my pups and I KNOW dispatch hates that.
  14. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    We had a former DHL driver work with us for a short time. He had a great line..."A hero is nothing but a sandwich"