your favorite patriotic songs of yesteryear

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by pickup, Sep 5, 2009.

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    throw em up Any and all. The Original Poster (I) won't be offended by any direction you chose to go . I'll start

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    I've always been partial to the US Calvary

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    Jones,,, I think you got stoned and missed it
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    You got the first part right:happy-very:
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    Ah this is a no brainer folks. I give you the great Spike Jones and Der Fuehrer's Face!

    I heard Frank Zappa once talk at length about the greatness of Spike Jones. No doubt there was influence there.
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    Deutschland, Deutchland.

    Use to sing that a lot at international soccer events.

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    I was married on Tuesday, July 2, 2003. We had 55 guests on a boat.

    There is that moment when the bride and groom are allowed to personalize their wedding.

    This is what I choose to do.
    I honored all my family members and guests in attendance for their service to our country by their branch of service and when they served. I asked them to stand and so I could acknowledge their gift to my country. I finished it by acknowledging my Matron of Honor, my sister, Staff Sergeant in the United States Army.
    I handed out the words to this song...
    We all sang ...

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    I hope this link works. Before I heard the Acoustix sing this song, I never knew there were lyrics to it.
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    Live at Walter Reed Military Hospital, John and his band performed an exclusive powerfully heartfelt concert for wounded soldiers and their families in 2007

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    The Unofficial Southern National Anthem
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    The unofficial Nat'l athem of the South (The deep deep south)