Your job sucks? (long)

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    I'm 23 years old and i've been working as a sorter for 2 years now and should be driving in about another year and a half. I'd say 8 out of 10 drivers i talk to say driving isnt that bad, no one ever told me that the job was horrible or anything like that, some even say they love it and it's worth staying. But on this forum it seems like every single one of you are miserable and hate your lives. I've heard multiple people here say things like ''go look at the drivers faces before they start work, and see how happy they are''. we'll it seems to me that most of them seem fine before, during and after work, i rarely see a :censored2: off miserable looking driver, most of them actually look pretty happy and are usually joking around and what not. Plus, you can pretty much go to any job and you'll see people who are :censored2: off all day long and all they do is sit at a desk doing nothing. Everyone complains about their job, no matter what they do. But I don't understand why so many people on here hate the job so much? If you hate it so much why do you stay? UPS drivers make almost double what the average person makes, you get full benefits for you and your family, pension, paid vacations, sick days, union rights, job security, you are off weekends, holidays, you dont work graveyard hours, and you have the choice to not work over time unless you want it, according to the union contract. Do you know how many people out there wish they can have even half of that? When i tell someone i work for UPS it's like telling them i work on the SWAT team. I worked as a driver for fedex during peak and while it was pretty fast paced and found myself cursing here and there, i didnt hate it. I drove around, hung out in traffic, talked to girls, laughed at idiots, listened to music, had my cooler of food and water, did some joint mobility exercises and stretching during my break, delivered 150 packages, picked up around 30 packages, worked for 9 hours, got out, ate, went to the gym, got home had sex and went to sleep. where exactly is the bad part? i've been a health freak and athlete my whole life, so carrying stuff, walking up stairs, etc was no problem at all, i made sure i was eating right and felt fine the whole day. is it because some guys are lazy and unhealthy that you think the job is so horrible? i'm having some trouble understanding why so many of you on here hate is so much? is it because you have to talk to dick head supervisors for a few minutes a day and get bitched at here and there? good thing you didnt join the marines! Or does it have to do with where you work? I work in NYC, so i'm pretty sure i would have it even worse than most of you, right? From what I know, the pro's outweigh the cons, and i'll be sticking with UPS, making more money than people with college degrees, and retiring before im 55. :raspberry-tounge:
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    Seems like you have it all figured out. Good luck with your career with UPS.
    I will admit that for a guy with 2 years of college, I am doing very well compared to my High School class.
    And there are good days with the bad. It's just the bad that you remember..........
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    Drivers havent always hated there jobs but you came to the company at a bad time,with telematics and gps now they have you nailed down to a tee.You cant sneeze without them knowing it,i am not a driver my self but i clerk packages for drivers and work with them everday and what i hear is "i dont hate my job,i hate the people i work for".there are plenty of drivers who can deliver packages just fine with no problems,make 9.5 no problem,make pickups no problem,what they cant do is do there job and then get called in the office for having to many backing incidents or how much idle time they had or for not buckling there seatbelt as soon as they cranked the truck etc.You got most of it right though good money good benefits good job,but you will earn it all to the fullest believe me
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    Until you are a package car driver you won't know the job. But coming from this feeder driver .. ....PACKAGE CAR SUCKS AND IS NOT WORTH BEING INVOLVED IN!!!!!!
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    if i dont like the job i will quit within the first week, i will never work a job that i hate. but from what i hear from the hundreds of drivers i have talked to in my building, it is a good job.
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    Its not the job they hate. Its catching hell constantly for stuff that only accounts for numbers on a paper.
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    i know guys who became drivers before they hit 2-3 years, i know guys who have been waiting 5+ years to become full-time inside but it takes around 2-4 to become a driver where i am.

    i talked to HR, im involved with the union, i talk to the stewards daily, the hiring manager, i should be driving within the next year and a half since there will be a bunch of guys retiring soon. you say that people apply for part-time work and quit everyday? not where i am, most of the people i work with have been there well over a year, and all the new guys i talk to plan on being there a long time, might be different where you are, i dont know ANYONE that quit that job since i been there, not 1 person. when the new guys get fired they come back literally begging for the job back. im not saying its the best place in the world, it is a **** hole on most days, but its still better than a lot of other places. the drivers i talk to say they do about 120 stops a day with 20-30 pick-ups on average, i never seen any driver get 200-300, might be different where you work. and can you point out where i said the job is easy? i know the job isnt easy, but its not the worst thing in the world like some of the guys here make it seem. every job has its pros and cons, i feel that with this job, the pros outweigh the cons. its a fast paced physically demanding job that is run by guys who think they are drill sergeants, i know this. but tell me where else i can go to make 30 dollars an hour, full benefits, weekends,holidays and nights off, paid vacations, pension, etc. what other job can i get that offers me that? maybe ill go apply there, point me in the direction.

    and you got laid off, whats your point? millions of people with college degrees also got laid off, theres people with masters degrees working in best buy making 8 dollars an hour right now. its not only UPS thats laying people off. plus, at UPS we have way more job security than most other jobs, i personally do not know 1 guy that got laid off since i been working there, but i do know a **** load of people that got laid off from other jobs.
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    If you know everything about being a driver that why are you asking questions. You don't know how the job is till you actually do it. Delivering all the packages is the easy part of the job it's doing the 100 other things at the same time that makes people complain about the job.

    But than agian your center is different than any other UPS center, none of the drivers complain about anything and PTimer never quit and no one gets laid off even when the volume drops like a rock after peak. your building must be recession proof. We all want to work in your building.
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    show me a job that will offer me 80 grand a year with full benefits, job security, advancement opportunities, paid sick days, personal days, weeks of vacation, a pension, and where i dont have to work weekends, late nights, or holidays. im dead serious, throw some at me, ill look into it.
  11. Animal,
    Your comment:

    "But on this forum it seems like every single one of you are miserable and hate your lives"

    is so far from being anywhere close to fair. I'm not a driver and have been hanging around BC for a few months now and I can (fairly) count on one hand the number of posters that are as you say. Want some real misery, read this thread and give them your perspective.
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    I agree with you about the above statement. By the way I like my job.

    You ask some question in your opening and I gave you some anwsers that your apparently didn't like. From what your wrote your perception of the job seems to be a bit off. I'm sure you will eventually find the anwsers you want to hear to the questions you asked above just not from me.
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    hey what areas have littlle or no wait to be a driver? Seems like where im at it is like 8 years now, too long
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    I agree, I'm definately skeptical about where Animal is working.
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    Different view from the outside looking in.
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    All days are good. But, some are better than others :)

    No, it's not a bad job but, don't take it personally or let your feelings get hurt if things don't work out as promised.

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    Being a PT Cover driver myself, I can tell you it is not the job that sucks at all. It is all the BS management throws at you like timing your stops, how long you were in the crapper and so forth. Most of them never did the delivery thing. It is all a numbers game to them. Being the low guy on the totem pole is kind of tough too. You get the crap routes (that all the drivers have had at one time or another). Sometimes you get those routes with one of the worst trucks in the center. If I had to do it over again, I would. It is more mental stress than physical stress as far as I'm concerned.
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    Oh to be young, strong and foolish again. It is the grind of 20+ years of over 9/5 my man! Good luck - we need more young fools to make up for old farts like me! As a center manager once told me after I worked a bad day with the FLU - "There is no such thing as a bad day at UPS!" LOL
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    Hey Dazed, I was a split driver for 11 years in 2 different centers - I feel your pain! I have done over 70 different routes. You are right - the senior drivers knew when to take vacation and make your life a living hell on their route! The justice is I am now my own UPS driver and come home every day for lunch to play with my chickens!
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    120 stops? 150 pieces? 30 pick up packages? Dude that sounds like a dream. I do 140 stops,any where from 350 to 450 packages,and pick up about 150! By the way i love my job...ppppfffttt