Youre a Cover Driver.. 26 reports later, youre not a Cover Driver?

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    Signed bid sheets for Cover Driver late last year. Went to "driving school" in Feb, was told I was a Cover Driver. Not much for the months of Feb, Mar or April. Come May thru August, I had 26 reports. 4 more reports by Sept 7 and I make seniority! NOPE! Told this week that the bid sheets that were put up by the former Center Mgr werent "contractually obligated." (he may have worded it different. I was extremely upset at the time) So now Im back to be just a air driver with the lowest senioriy, again. I asked my union rep if there was anything I/we could do and he said no. My question is, has anyone had this happen to them or at their center? Can UPS send me to school, call me a cover driver, realize they made a error and just demote me? I signed a bid sheet that said Cover Driver. I went to school as a Cover Driver. Its not my fault they, meaning my former sups, didnt follow correct procedures. Isnt there a way UPS can say, "we fuched up" and keep us as Cover Drivers? Also, I was told our center can have 5 Cover Drivers. Right now, we have 4 with seniority. 7 if you count the 2 others I went to school with. We just had a F/T quit and 1 get fired. If they fill those 2 F/T positions, were back to 5 Cover Drivers.
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    If there isn't enough work, your probably screwed. Just make sure sups aren't stealing any of your work. Our center tries there damnest to cover a route or parts of route with sups. Keep a close eye out if they drive for any reason, keep track of it, you only need to catch them four days. Grieve it and ask for senority, and back pay. Good Luck
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    Rules are different all across the country. Are you a P/T with seniority? Where I am there is a list posted of every employee with their start date and seniority date. When a F/T position opens up it is filled with a ratio of inside seniority and casuals. A F/T casual will always be hired after the insider quota has been met.
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    One thing i don't have to worry about. Our sups do not like to leave the building let alone the office.