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    I was going through some old paperwork while watching the game and ran across my offer letter from my previous station. It stated I was being offered a FT courier position at $16.75hr. This was in 2008. It really hit home that in March of 2008 I was at $16.75hr and now almost 5 years later I'm making only $1.42hr more with the 2% raises and one year with no raise plus last year's 3%. And with the new raise system implemented last year, assuming they keep it in place, I'm probably not going to catch the midway point of the pay range and get 5% raises because they'll probably keep moving the mid point higher. After 14 years this is the best they can do? Pretty sad.
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    Really sad.
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    Sad indeed, it hasn't even kept up with the cost of living.
    5 years ago, Milk was $2.00/gal now its 3.69 to 4
    Gas was 1.60, now its 3.75
    Our health insurance has gone up 2-3% per year for the last 5 years. which despite what FE claims we fund 100%.
    Go to and build the same plan. it's nearly identical minus the group discount.

    FedEx Shipping rates have increased steadily at I believe 2-5%

    Over 5 years $1.74 in raises figures to be roughly 1.1%

    Profits are at a all time high, yet there is no reward for this "job"

    Go ahead replace us all with low wage workers, you get what you pay for.
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    Yep. Our real wage has declined rapidly. I don't have exact statistics, but I'd say we've easily lost 15-20% over the last 15 years. This would, of course, vary by market and location, but we've been heading backwards for a long time.

    In the past, at least you could get OT and try to make-up the difference.
  6. Stock is sitting at 103 bucks rightnow. This company is in dire trouble.
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    My only consolation is that Bronczek and Graf sold back in December when it was $92 and change.
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    I sure hope they'll be okay
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    BofA just upgraded FedEx. They predict it will hit 122.
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    We need to stop complaining and do something about it
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    The options have been discussed here a lot. for the younger ones you can find another job. for the older ones there isnt much of a chance of that. fred has successfully killed our chances at unionizing to the point whwre the IBT isnt interested in helping us out. An outright stoppage or slowdown would be piecemeal at best as only a fraction of drivers are on here. Many already are doing something by doing nothing extra. Never stick your neck out To save service. Follow their rules to the letter. That right there will hurt service considerably. Dont turn in sales leads, it isnt your job. make every OLCC a giant hassle for them. refuse to sign off intil it has been wdited to your satisfaction if you sign them at all. make sure HR is involved.If they want to give us minimum compensation, we should be returning the favor with minimum effort.
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    I think the demonstrations by groups like occupy do have an impact and whenever possible when u hear of one do try and see if you can make it there.
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    I agree. There are too few of us to really make the kind of statement that MEM will notice. I also agree that there are a lot of formerly Purple People who won't lift a finger beyond the minimum. The employees who are really screwed are those older than 45 that will find it difficult to build a new career elsewhere. These are the people that Fred has screwed the worst, because most of them were around when the company was a good place to work and trusted the company to live-up to the promises it made. Major mistake, and now they're too old to start over in most cases.