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  1. Jaws

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    This question is not to offend anyone, just would like a logical answer. I noticed in my center, most of the men chew tobacco. The gross part of it is that they spit ANYWHERE in the center. Are we not still INSIDE? How is this allowed with all type of diseases floating around??? Do people spit on the floor of their own homes? This is an unfamiliar area to me and I am unable to fathom this behavior?

    How and why is this nasty behavior allowed? :dead:
  2. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    Probably because no one confronts them about it.

    We have a lot of chewers here, too. They either go outside with the smokers to spit, or they just gut it.

    What is even worse than spitting on the floor...is spitting your dip out into the drinking fountain. That is just plain nasty.

    My preloader chews. I am loaded outdoors on an MDU, so he can get away with spitting down onto and thru the back bumper, where it winds up on the parking lot. I would rather he do that than smoke and stink the whole place up.


    In our center smokers and chewers have to go outside to smoke or chew doesn't hurt my feelings at all
  4. trplnkl

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    The signage in our building reads, "Tobacco free work place, no smoking or chewing/dipping", they enforce the smoking part but let the dippers slide.

    Once while suffering a congestion problem I was having a trouble with needing to spit fairly regular. As I walked passed the car wash floor drain (inside) I let one go in the drain. The DM was standing a few feet from me and shouted at me, " Do you spit on the floor of your own home?". I just laughed and said, " No, and I don't park 60 big brown trucks in it either." I just didn't realize at the moment that another 20 stops was going into my truck.
  5. dannyboy

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    It is a nasty habit. Period. And it is very habit forming. The need to chew or dip has the exact effects on the body as those that need to smoke, maybe worse.

    UPS is tobacco free. That includes dipping and chewing. It is up to the center team to enforce that company wide regulation.

  6. dilligaf

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    We have one driver who dips. For a long time I didn't even know it and I worked on preload with him. Keeps it to himself.

    Side note: My quitting smoking is going well. :happy2:
  7. Old International

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    I broke my preloader of leaving his chew spit bottles in the back of my package car. I grabbed it and poured it over him. After that-no more problems.
  8. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    They are typically the worst offenders.

    I like having an on-car who smokes. It means he has an addiction that I can exploit during "hostile" OJS rides....its up to me to decide when he gets to take a break and have that smoke. If I'm in a bad mood...or he puts me in one...his "smoke break" will occur during a rainstorm when we are parked somewhere that has no shelter, and I will fire the truck up and be ready to leave before he is even half done with his cigarette. Sometimes...the smallest torments can be the most enjoyable ones to inflict.:devil3:
  9. Kraetos

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    Plenty of dippers in my center, most of the time they slide, the only discipline comes from rules at PCM's that aren't enforced. The only time managers got really upset was when guys in the unload were spitting on packages, I'm a loader and I remember loading a few tobaccy stained packages :) There is a new type of chewing tobacco I've seen some guys using called snuze or snizz or somthin like that, it's a spit-less chewing tobacco that you just swallow. The name reminds me of that South Park episode about a snuk in the sniz of Hilary Clinton if anyone knows what episode I'm refering too hehe. I always ask tobacco chewers about their trips to the dentist, but a majority say they haven't been to the dentist in years...now that's "Yuck... "
  10. City Driver

    City Driver New Member

    we have alot of them and they spit all over the dock, dont really bother me, its a dock, its concrete
  11. trickpony1

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    We have alot of PT supes as well as workers who feel the need to spit and they aren't tobacco users.

    A comparison might be to dogs marking their territory.
  12. Solidarity413

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    That one is me :dissapointed:. I don't dip or smoke, but I still have to spit a lot in the mornings. I get bad heartburn sometimes so it makes me spit. Guess I'm gross. But at least no one has ever said anything :happy-very:
  13. feederdriver06

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    Tobacco is nasty smoked or chewed. Chewing increases the chance of mouth/throat cancer by 10 fold. The chewers and the buttheads need to take that slop outside if they must feed their addiction. The spitting definitely should be done outside. I'll bet those slobs don't spit that crap on their kitchen floor so they shouldn't be doing it on the floor in the center.:biting:
  14. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Its not just the chewers its the sunflower seed spitters and the the people who think the steps into the building are the place to deposit their lung butter. Sometimes theres so many hockers people look like Fred Astaire dancing up the steps trying to avoid them.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    CD, you left yourself wide open with this one but I will let it go.:wink2:
  16. are hub mgr use's chew and we had a safty meetting and he would spit in the trash can and every time he would do this everyone in the room would look away with a sick look on there face
  17. City Driver

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    its ok to do it on our dock, we got so many holes in the roof the rain washes it away

    urine included
  18. evilleace

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    Almost everyone in my building chews including most drivers I find it disgusting especially when I find a spit bottle laying around.
  19. Jaws

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    Ok, City Drive!!! Our outside loading area smells like wild kingdom, from the feeder drivers taking a leak. With all diseases floating around, please keep all body fluids in their proper places...lol :dead:
  20. JaxUPSHub

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    I'm a smoker, and cannot smoke during my shift, only during break, same rules should apply to dippers. I also think spitting is nasty, (regular spitting) even though I have to spit to sometimes. It just clearly displays bad manners. But spitting Dip inside of a building? Thats just ridiculous. Even on a dock, I would find it disgusting, and believe that no one should be FORCED to watch it (which is inevitable). If you dont understand why this is disgusting, then you can't be helped. It is what it is.
    No comment, can this really be happening? How can a supervisor or higher up management ignore NASTY things like that.