Held hostage by UPS (a conspiracy theory...)

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    I get email alerts from my bank every time I use my debit card. Thursday I get these alerts about two purchases at Walmart and a gas station in Atlanta. Yeah so? Problem is, I live in Wyoming and was working at the time.

    Didn't get the emails until I got home that night so I immediately call my bank and speak to some foreign outsourced worker. Guy assures me that they will immediately block the card and send me a replacement card (that should arrive in 7-10 days). I ask the guy if doing this will affect my direct deposit that is scheduled to go in the account in a matter of hours. In his very best attempt at being convincing, he tells me, "you will be good sir." Good, I hang up, check the online banking and it shows the old card was cancelled and replaced.

    Friday morning and I check the account, NO DIRECT DEPOSIT! Off to work I go so wifey has to go to bank to try and straighten things out. Still no sign of any attempt to deposit the funds. I have a feeling the guy on the phone cancelled or suspended the account instead of just replacing the card. Now I have to go in Monday and try to get UPS to send me a live check since the direct deposit is lost in space.

    Wife asks me, "Do you think something happened on UPS's end?" I told her probably not but then I got to thinking, "Well hell, maybe. They are based out of Atlanta!" Not only do I get victimized by the crooks who used my card number but the bank charges me a $15 replacement card fee. Then the direct deposit is in limbo.

    Me thinks this is all a big plot by UPS to hold me hostage by having someone in payroll steal my account number and clone a card then use it, then mysteriously lose my direct deposit...all while making me work 10-12 hours days so I cannot get the bank to straighten things out. Now I have to wait for another check to be issued.

    OK, so I know that's not what is really going on (if it was, that would make for a great story!) Just needed to vent and laugh about this whole situation so that's what my conspiracy theory would be if I was a conspiracy theorist!
  2. Moral to tbhis story...always,always use a charge card. and have a back up card.

    I do not use a debit card,for anything....period.

    If they steal your charge card...no worries.
    They didnt get into your bank account.
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    I know I know... debit cards are evil but I absolutely hate carrying cash and they are just so convenient...until things like this happen. On a side note, all the charges will be refunded but still, it happened.
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  5. Most places take charge cards.
    Keep a 20. or two in your walletI
  6. Baba gounj

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    debit/charge cards are only good as long as the power stays on .
    That's why I like to be old fashion and carry cash , mostly one's .
    I keep a few on a money clips just in case of an incident . I pull out the money clip and flip it away from me , as the thief looks at the direction where the money clip goes .
    You are given the choice to do one of two things; either run the other way or pull out your CCW & put it into the other person's face .
  7. brown bomber

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    I've never used a debit card....I use credit cards, which have a cash back feature..then I pay them back in full every month. Everybody bitches about the "evils" of credit cards, I happen to think they are one of the greatest things on the face of the earth. If I need cash, I use my ATM card..which is just that...not a debit card. I also pay all my bills online, and get the majority of them delivered online......I've never had a problem
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    i only use my debit card at banks, if you make enough money just buy a prepaid card and load money on to it,
    if not always carry a credit card for store purchases or places u dont trust to use your debit card. you might want to try
    and be more careful next time, i never was a slide card kind of person i normally try to use cash but to each his own.
  10. bleedinbrown58

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    Plus you get cash back on credit cards...bonus!
  11. oldngray

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    ATM is a debit card. Getting cash from an ATM machine is the only time I ever use mine. Otherwise I use a credit card for almost everything else and pay the balance off every month. Credit card is definitely safer to use than a debit card.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not always-----there are ATM cards that can only be used at ATM's.

    I have both a debit and credit card. I don't carry a lot of cash and use my debit card most of the time. On those rare occasions when I do use my credit card I pay it off in full the next month.
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