Is it possible to switch positions in the warehouse?

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  1. Is there any way I can go from Preload to being in the unload or Irregs? If so whats the process of doing so? I've been here for around 6 months.
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    Seniority rules.
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    Contract states you have a right to ask for a preferred position based on seniority. Good luck after 6 months though. I was able to move after a year been at the same gravy location for the last 17 years.
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  4. By The Book

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    I'll answer your question....but you first have to work for UPS.
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    How did this help to answer his question?
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    Seniiioorrrrttttty ruuuuuuuulllles. Did typing it slower help?
    Meaning, preferred positions are filled based on who requests it by seniority.
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    Why did you feel the need to add that last sentence?

    This answered the OP's question.
  8. So me asking would have no power behind it if they said no? Like if a person with lower seniority was doing it and they denied me I have to deal with it ? Or can i file accordingly?
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    Sorry its the power of seniority. LONG LIVE UPS!!!!!!!
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    Because you obviously didn't get it the first time.
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    Oh, I got it. I don't think the OP would have gotten it without the part that you added on.
  12. You must really be bored?
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    The highlight of my day today was picking up my new glasses.
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  14. No movies?
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    The Big Lebowski is overrated
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    That used to be my avatar. Now it's Frank from 30 Rock.
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  19. Number24

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    Seniority nothing more, nothing less.
  20. DriveInDriveOut

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    Read your supplement.
    In the southern (article 49), part-time classification bids (load, unload, irregs, smalls, etc.) go up every 6 months and that list stands until another is posted. You can't just bump someone out of their position because you have more seniority though. It's just the list they're supposed to go off if someone leaves one of those positions, or a new spot is created.

    Now if you've signed that list and they permanently move someone with less seniority than you into one of the positions you signed for, then you could file.
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