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    Brought my over allowed down to 1 1/2 and the supervisors were all pleased by that considering the route and me having a 6 over from day one out by myself. The first time I tried to run businesses with resies in between it went down three hours (3) then to 1 1/2 the next day out. ( the supervisor started me off doing businesses first ) The day after doing well with over allowance they followed me for five stops and I was sloppy and made dumb mistakes... Will the manager come out again to observe me or did I basically leave a salty taste in his mouth and setting myself up for DQ? My supervisor has said it will be a miracle if I pass but I have heard him say that in the past about trainees and they passed... I'm starting to think it is a supervisors tactic to put constant pressure but at this point my head is spinning...
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    How were you sloppy?
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    They are just trying to light a fire under your butt.
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    Depends how sloppy. Listen to what they say and do it. They'll probably be out again, show them you can improve. Show them you want the job.
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    He's just trying to pressure you. But that doesn't mean you should just shake it off. Take the advice he gave you for the sloppiness and incorporate them into your day.

    We check in a lot when guys are qualifying. One thing to keep in mind too, just because we aren't watching you from a personal vehicle doesn't mean you aren't being watched. The detail we get with telematics is pretty amazing. Always operate as if someone is watching, because essentially someone is.
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    Salty taste in your mouth huh