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    Last year I worked at UPS for peak season. I was assured a call back after March of this year but never got one. I called the employment center and they told me my application was still on file, ready for a rehire but I had to do another. I completed it and it said I had to meet with an interviewer at night, the same time they do the tours for new hires. I wanted to know, do I have to go through the tour, training and the interview just to start over in another department or will I continue working in the one I previously worked in?
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    If it says you need to go to an interview and you want to work here....follow the instructions and show up for the interview on time.
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    You'll be placed where bodies are needed the most.
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    You will need to go through the interview process but once they figure out that you are a rehire they should put you right to work.
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    He will have to go through the training videos like any other day 1.
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    Forgot about those.
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    You do realize that if you're hired now....they can still let you go after Christmas time like they did to you last year? If you didn't get a callback in the spring/summer..there was probably a reason.
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    Damn, these seasonal hire questions come earlier and earlier. I used to know the holidays were close when Walmart started laying out Xmas crap in October.
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    Everybody forgets them about 5 minutes after watching them.
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    Forget what?
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    I'm going in to get a tour ,, how should I dress??
    Can I wear flip flops ?
    Can I wear my come do me heels and a skirt ?
    Will I get a cool uniform !
    Can I call out sick my second week to go to a family reunion ?

    Yes the season will be upon us soon !!!!

    If I'm a female or cross dresser , is there an appropriate bathroom for me ??
    If I'm a hawt woman , does this @Indecisi0n guy need me to send him a photo ?
  12. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    is there a rest time ?
    Do we get fed?
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    Call them back and tell them you aren't doing the interview. Let them know you will just show up and they better have a spot ready when you get there.