To join the union in NYC, is it 40 working days or 30 working days?

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    Ok I'm new here. My supervisors said its 40 working days and the hr guy said it'll be 40 working days to join the union when I was at training. But I don't believe any of them. I'm a little skeptical and cynical of them. I was hired in the beginning of April and my first working day (not training) was on April 19th. Based on the contract, it says it should take 30 working days for the Atlantic region which I think New York is apart of, right? My shop steward is sus and I don't trust him either. I always see him and the ft supervisor shaking hands and smiling like those evil African leaders that are up to no good. Since I wasn't hired in a peak season month (April), it should be 30 working days right? Also, when I'm in the union. Can I tell an annoying security guard (management puppet) who always watches me and tells me to go fast to leave me alone and get back to doing his job? He's very annoying. Where does UPS get these security guards from? 90% of them can barely speak English. I can't even understand most of them most of the times.
  2. you aint even know it

    you aint even know it Well-Known Troll Troll

    I cannot wait to join the union, there will be a new sheriff in town :)
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    Wow... This sounds like kapamassacre all over again...
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    I don't know about NYC. I am upstate and we are 30. I would ask the union steward, you should have a part time steward on the belt. If not, ask around and find the full time steward. He will have all the info for you, and will give you the paperwork to get the ball rolling. I'm not sure if you will have the NYS Teamsters Supreme Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance with it, but if you do find yourself lucky. From what I can tell its one of the best health insurances for UPS employees, and from what i can tell we are going to keep it for a while.
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    on Long island, it's 40 days out of your first 70 days. I'm not sure about how it works in the city.
  6. bleedinbrown58

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    Yes agreed. Sounds like kapa in nyc.
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    No, us new york part timers get Aetna, not blue cross. At least for now.
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    I belive NYC falls under 804.
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    I'm 804 also. So it's 40 days to make book.
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    40 days or 40 working days?
  11. bleedinbrown58

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    40 working days (that you actually worked) out of your first 70 days since you were hired.
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    When I hired in it was "30 in 90". It was like a moving window and some of the earlier days would drop off but at anytime you hit that magic number-- you were in.