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  1. rolsen188

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    Hey guys, I had the first interview and a tour of the Richmond, VA hub on Sep. 1, '09. I was told to go home and fill out my tax forms, etc. on the UPS Jobs page where I originally applied. That page says please complete before your next scheduled appt., which I do not have one of. Haven't heard anything from them since. Any idea what they may be doing or if will actually be hired?
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    If you got a phone number from the HR person who did your tour I would call them to follow up or find some way to get a hold of them. I know when I did my walk though they ended up calling me about a week later to schedule a final interview.
  3. rolsen188

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    Nope, no phone number. Can't find one in any phone book or online- just has 800 number. They sent me to somewhere I need an employee no. to get in, which I don't have. My app. online says active and position has been changed to Loader/Unloader from pack. handler.
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