1. 1

    22.4 bumping/seniority

    Can a 22.4 bump a lower seniority 22.4 off his route for the day? Saturday’s and Monday’s at my center are random I’m wondering if I can bump lower 22.4’s off a route I want?
  2. R. Mutt

    Seniority and following your work after a sort close (central supplement)

    I tried the search bar but came up with nothing on this situation. I have 6 years seniority working PT. I was working in hub operations on twilight, bid to work Revenue Recovery and got the position. At the time the hub was only working twilight and preload but a day sort was created. I was a...
  3. S

    new to this, new to here...

    I just transferred to 483 here in south Idaho. Things are a little different here. I'm aware that my center seniority goes to bottom, but I cant get over the part where I keep being told my "company seniority" starts over again for purposes of bumping part timers. I was told this is covered...