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I just transferred to 483 here in south Idaho. Things are a little different here. I'm aware that my center seniority goes to bottom, but I cant get over the part where I keep being told my "company seniority" starts over again for purposes of bumping part timers. I was told this is covered in article 6 of western region. I keep reading and reading but find no language outside of "center seniority". Specifically, article 6, section 6 paragraph eight(8) reads "A package car driver who transfers shall retain his/her company seniority for the purposes of fringe benefits, but shall be placed at the bottom of the CENTER seniority list for purposes of layoff, rehire, bid and the selection of vacation. Package car drivers transferring outside their local unions jurisdiction shall be placed at the bottom of the CENTER seniority list for the purpose of promotion." last I checked, there's nothing there regarding building seniority, or any part time employee being able to work before his fulltime counter-part. Am I missing something???


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Might want to try the Union forum, you would get more responses then the newbie introduction forum. @scratch can you help move the thread so he can get some knowledgeable advice from the gang.


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Also I would change the title of your thread to better attract the right people for your question, I though you were just saying hi but saw you had a question about your western supplement about seniority.


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Not sure exactly what your question is. I'm not in your local but I'm in the west. Where I am at we cannot bump PT'ers if we are laid off from FT driving. We can only work a PT shift if they don't have enough people.