1. cheryl

    UPS employee stole $37,000 in jewelry, Round Rock police say

    UPS employee stole $37,000 in jewelry, Round Rock police say - Statesman A Hutto man is accused of stealing more than $37,000 in diamond jewelry when he worked for United Parcel Service in Round Rock last year, an arrest affidavit said. Marcus Mitchell, 37, was charged with theft, a...
  2. J

    Looking for Background Check Info (on topic)

    So, I recently applied for UPS and was given a contingent offer at Worldport location, pending my background check. I have one thing on my background that I'm worried about and I've been trying to do some research on it, but am coming up with nothing. I have a misdemeanor (drug trafficking)...
  3. U

    Background check for seasonal driver helper

    I am interested in applying for a seasonal driver helper position. However, I am concerned about the background check. I currently have no conviction of any kind on my record, but I do have a pending criminal charge (a felony, but not theft or burglary). Do you think I have a chance?