1. Ladytruckdriver513

    feeder driver coding bathroom break

    When your on road and pull over to use the bathroom real quick do you code it? What do you code it as? Do you use YOUR paid 2 ten minute breaks for this?? We females cannot simply pull over and water the tire. We also have lady business every month that men don't have to deal with which...
  2. SorterRosie

    Female Sorters

    I find myself working exhaustively in order to try and prove to all my co-workers (which are all men) that I can sort just as well as they can. Just here looking for some conversation with sorters/female sorters. Or other female UPSers
  3. K

    Female employees getting treated like royalty

    At my warehouse the female employees don’t get sexually harassed, it’s more of them being praised and treated like royalty and getting away with stuff that the male employees would never get away with. I’m glad they don’t get sexually harassed, but I’m getting increasingly irritated of the...