job classification

  1. lbmtcu

    Part-Time Cover Driver? Anyone know what this really is?

    Hello, I worked as a Seasonal last November-December. Got called 2 weeks ago to come on as "Full-Time", but when I showed up at HR they said it was now a "Part-Time Cover Driver" offer. HR stated that I would drive at $30 and when not needed work in Hub at $14. I was a bit irritated, but said...
  2. R. Mutt

    Seniority and following your work after a sort close (central supplement)

    I tried the search bar but came up with nothing on this situation. I have 6 years seniority working PT. I was working in hub operations on twilight, bid to work Revenue Recovery and got the position. At the time the hub was only working twilight and preload but a day sort was created. I was a...