1. R. Mutt

    MRA (Market Rate Adjustment) Raise Exceptions

    Our hub (in Central States region) recently established an MRA raise of about $6.50/hour over minimum rate to $21/hour for our part time workers in order to attract staffing. I work in Revenue Recovery at said hub and did not receive the MRA Raise because "we are employees of the center rather...
  2. Heyump

    Consistently understaffed

    Long time listener, first time caller here I'm a two year loader in a big hub located in the south. Management cuts our staffing to the bare minimum, and even sends people home when we are clearly in need of extra help. Week after week, we are constantly short and when I speak up I am told...
  3. B

    Moved to Unloading

    I filed a grievance for supervisor working at loading and now I have been moved to unloading. I've been working there all week. I used to get 4.5 hours when the supervisor wasn't working and now they are giving me 3.5 hours. I had the second most seniority of my area when I was loading. Now my...
  4. OrlandoCitySC

    On Topic: UPS attempting to terminate newer driver after filing grievances

    Hello all: Unfortunately this is about the horrible side of the job. Harassment, intimidation, petty disciplinary measures etc. I'm a newer driver who hasn't been with the company a year yet. After qualifying and becoming a full-fledged employee and union member everything was fantastic for...