1. K

    Seasonal forced dayoff unpaid

    Hi, I’m a seasonal driver I have a contract with ups to work from November 5st to January 15st Today is the 3rd day my supervisor messaged me early in the morning, saying for the seasonal drivers don’t go to work. Generally I get this message early in the morning (2 hours before my shift starts)...
  2. U

    Getting Engaged/Married time off?

    So to start off, I’ve been with the company for around 7 years so far and I’m a FT PKG Car Driver. I’m in the position where I will have a fiancé soon and eventually be married. Don’t have any vacation/option/personal days left for this year as I’ve needed to use them earlier in the year. My...
  3. Sissy Brown Short Shorts

    Disability Insurance/FMLA Question

    I was discharged from the hospital last night with a referral from the doctor to have an outpatient medical procedure performed. I would be out of work recovering for 2-3 weeks. Newer driver with little sick/personal days. My local is pretty bad with sending us our information in a timely matter...
  4. C

    Reading Paycheck in relation to days off

    I am a full time driver. I see at the bottom of my paycheck "VAC", "H OPD", and "OTH". I know these are my days off, but how does it work with accrual for personal days? What is considered "OTH"? Is there a way I can go back and check the days I took off? Thanks.