1. D

    Transferring contracts

    I'm thinking of transferring, I'm wondering if there is a place to go to compare contracts. Is that something my union office can do or the one I'm transferring to? Or do I actually need to read both contracts through and through?
  2. EJJ

    Transferring to another center

    ive been commuting over 2 hours everyday and I just recently had my son. Does anybody know how I can transfer to another hub with having to wait on the transfer waiting list so I can get to a closer location?
  3. H

    New York To Florida Transfer

    I’m a preloaded in manhattan and i’m moving to florida and i’m taking ups with me, i just wanted to know is it worth becoming a driver out there and are there unions as strong as every other one? btw it’s either the miami location or the lauder hill location i’d be transferring too. i’ve been in...