1. B

    UPS is firing staff in Europe

    Ups just announced to start firing staff in the netherlands after a view weeks ago the announcement game to let go more than 500 people in Germany/Neuss now the ball of transformation is rolling through the rest of Europe. Also France and Spain are hit. After record high earnings high workload...
  2. BROWN skid Mark


    what are your thought on transformation
  3. G

    Buy out 2019 .... any news

    Anyone hearing anything about another round of buyouts for 2019 - this one including operational management ?
  4. cheryl

    UPS: Transformation Initiatives Will Be Beneficial

    UPS: Transformation Initiatives Will Be Beneficial - Seeking Alpha Summary United Parcel Service is a leading multinational courier delivery services company. The company's transformation initiatives should help improve its cash flow. UPS’s shares are currently trading below its historical...
  5. G

    management buyout offer ( retirement ) coming today...

    Rumors / News of a UPS management buyout will be made - " transformation" - will target non-operational employees that are 55 or older... will be made public today