1. muthatrucka

    New uniform design

    They saved so much cash on this contract, they decided to waste it on a promo vid with terrible actors for a new “cool” uniform! Seems... legit.
  2. C

    Question - Wedge Sole Boots Allowed

    Can we wear Thorogood's work boots with a wedge sole? ($200 pair of boots, so now I'm worried to get them dirty aka wear them around to break em in before work.) I've always preferred this boot because the wedge sole is was easier on the feet and gives better traction. So didn't think anything...
  3. R

    These pants suck

    Any other pants options can i buy from somewhere else??
  4. What'dyabringmetoday???

    How can UPS make you work six days...

    ...when they only provide five uniforms? Lol.
  5. SupermanofTX


    Our way out of date uniforms are ridiculous. Just stand next to a FedEx driver sometime. Look at his/her uniform, then look down at yours. Ridiculous!!! We look like polyester TURDS! Please don't reply and tell me to go work at FedEx then. I love UPS. And in this day and age, were still...
  6. H

    Headed to Intergrad

    Hello, Heading to Intergrad for drivers school. I've been with UPS as a package handler for 2 years but I'm only the second person in my building to be sent to Intergrad. I've read some posts on here about it but most seem to be several years old so I figured I'd start a new one. I know it's a...
  7. toonertoo

    For all new hires, go here (on topic)

    I am going to try to compile a faq page for all new hires. New UPSers, feel free to post your questions here in this thread if you haven't found your answer elsewhere.