‘Catastrophic failure’ causes UPS truck inferno at Town hall Wednesday

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    ‘Catastrophic failure’ causes UPS truck inferno at Town hall Wednesday - Darien Times

    A packed UPS truck became engulfed in flames in front of Darien’s Town hall Wednesday afternoon, destroying the truck and possibly most of its contents.

    Noroton Fire Department Captain John Hessmer told The Darien Times that some kind of catastrophic engine failure caused the truck to go on fire, and it was on fire when the driver pulled up to Town hall.
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    Back when I used to smoke my truck looked like that at every stop---or so I was told.
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    Was this another "run away" diesel? If so, not cool.
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    Looks like one of those lap belt Ford 5-speed diesels that they're crushing anyway. Glad the driver got out. First impression in our bldg. would be how can we blame the driver.
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    Here last week we had a driver complaining that everytime he touched the bulkhead door handle he would get shocked. Called the mechanic and he said they have been having trouble with the telematics wiring shorting out. Proved to be the issue with this driver. Just what we need...our trucks catching fire or shocking us to death. It is not like we don't have enough to deal with during the day.

    Tell you what.....if the truck catches fire....throw on the gas and break out the pop and weenies.
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    Looks like something was smoking, leaking, etc... Don't touch, secure vehicle, leave area & notify supervisor. Glad driver is ok and hope he does not get charged with an accident.
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    Did the driver get fired
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    Probably started by the fan and radio wired up to the battery by the driver...just saying.....:smart:
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    Prove it:wink2: