‘Filthy’ facilities, no masks: Philly UPS workers face down COVID delivery surge

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    ‘Filthy’ facilities, no masks: Philly UPS workers face down COVID delivery surge - WHYY

    The warehouse and delivery workers keeping the region stocked with medicine, clothes, toys and countless other packaged items say they’re reaching a breaking point — overloaded with delivery orders from online retailers, and working in unsanitary conditions.

    Kissma Thomas, a ramp agent at the UPS facility near the Philadelphia International Airport, described the last few weeks as “peak season, times three.” But she said workers like her were laboring in “filthy” warehouses, unloading trucks and containers with little protection from the contagion.

    “They’re not giving us masks, they’re not giving us gloves … Each delivery chute is no more than three inches away from the next person,” Thomas said. “UPS doesn’t care.”
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    Kissma will be in the office tomorrow...
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    Better than rinning around like we are a rtw company. The guys in my hub are scared :censored2:less to say anything about ppe.
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    I guess the name Hog Island is fitting!

    I've been there a handful of times and actually thought it looked clean compared to some of the other buildings I've been in.
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    Employees at Hog Island are squealing on the company?

    Where's @anHOURover ? Get fired again? Go into management?